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Bigtincan for Adobe — Sales Enablement Integration

Gone are the days of departmental silos, where CMOs are responsible solely for the success of the marketing team. CMOs now juggle the goals and processes of multiple teams — marketing, sales, customer service, and more — to deliver a seamless, consistent experience for customers. 

And that’s just internally. CMOs, of course, are always looking for new ways to connect with buyers, fine-tuning their strategy. 

The scope has broadened enough over the years that Forrester noted the role has evolved from “Chief Marketer” to “Chief Collaborator.” This means that marketers now rely on sophisticated, integrated tools to manage an increasingly complex sales cycle.

Whether you are the Chief Collaborator, the Chief Revenue Officer, or any other go-to-market leader, here’s more about how Bigtincan’s sales enablement features integrate with Adobe’s deep toolkit to help marketers align more closely with sales.

Why Bigtincan + Adobe for sales enablement?

Today’s buyer completes up to 80% of the sales cycle before they engage with a sales rep at all. Increasingly, this means marketers bear the bulk of responsibility because they create the content that moves prospects through the majority of the buyer’s journey.

Given that marketers must create content that spans multiple channels, speaks to specific buyer needs, and sets sales to close, the demand for digital assets has never been higher. Despite this, marketing budgets remain stagnant — meaning, CMOs must look toward the right tools for more efficient content creation, delivery, and use.

Here are a few key areas where using Adobe products for sales enablement helps marketers prepare sales teams:

  • Content creation: Beautiful infographics and well-written blog content don’t necessarily close deals. Marketing must continually publish and share valuable content that educates potential buyers and offers solutions to their pain points and problems. Adobe programs offer the tools marketers depend on for creating marketing materials, while Bigtincan’s sales enablement platform brings content controls, distribution, and easy search functionality needed to make the most of those materials.
  • Central management platform: Adobe platforms give marketers the tools needed to create a centralized content center, with the built-in controls and automations needed to increase content velocity.
  • Data: Powerful analytics allow teams to assess which content assets best move prospects through the sales cycle, which means marketing dollars can go toward higher-value asset development, reducing waste and further increasing sales effectiveness. 
  • Personalized, media-rich assets: Bigtincan for Adobe gives CMOs and their teams a better way to deliver personalized branded experiences at scale, placing the right content into the hands of your customer-facing employees to maximize their impact. 

Adobe + Bigtincan means big benefits for sales and marketing

Bigtincan for Adobe allows marketers to  leverage their current investments in Adobe products to create and manage content as usual, while directly connecting those marketing efforts to their impact on sales. Our platform’s controls, automations, and reporting tools get content to the sales team while providing an easy-to-understand window into what’s driving success.

Painless integration with the sales process

Many of our customers have multiple content creators or content creation teams with established processes already in place. Introducing a new platform and processes can lead to friction. Bigtincan for Adobe allows creatives to keep their current workflows in place, while marketers can focus on getting the right content to salespeople to close deals. 

Track content performance

With Bigtincan, marketers can quickly determine which pieces of content are being used, who is using them, and under what circumstances. Marketers gain an understanding of what real buyers find useful, informing the content strategy moving forward and helping teams map content marketing efforts to touchpoints in the buyer’s journey. 

The result? Accurate reporting that delivers marketing ROI information to your C-suite.

Deliver high-end experiences

Automate the delivery of these experiences to the sales teams, further extending the value of their existing investments, and bringing sales and marketing into tighter alignment.

Bigtincan allows teams to ensure that all assets from PDF files to HTML5-based learning experiences and sales videos reach customer-facing employees. What’s more, they render at the highest-possible fidelity online or offline, on any device. This means sales teams can reliably deliver the best content to buyers and engage in a more personal way.

Bigtincan’s Adobe sales enablement integrations

Marketing Automation is central to any modern marketing team, not a “nice-to-have.” Marketers use Marketing Automation like Adobe Campaigns or Marketo to gather data that helps them nurture prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Bigtincan for Adobe includes several Adobe integrations that automate marketing processes, including:

  • Adobe Experience Manager Integration (AEM) enables organizations to deliver a connected and compelling digital experience across the customer journey.
  • Adobe InDesign Extension publishes directly to Bigtincan, enabling easy and dynamic content personalization from InDesign.
  • Marketo Marketing Automation (B2B) and Adobe Campaign (B2C): Adobe Campaigns is best suited for B2C use cases, while Marketo is designed for B2B. Both automation platforms connect to the Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud platforms, allowing marketers to generate rich media experiences, tap into AI-driven personalization and delivery features, and use data to understand which content meets buyer demands and helps sellers close. 

How real organizations might use Adobe for sales enablement 

To explain how Adobe supports sales enablement activities, let’s take a look at how we might use Adobe to support our sales enablement activities internally. 

Let’s say we want to create a campaign that promotes an on-demand webinar recording to people that have already downloaded our Life Sciences eBook. Here’s a look at how we might set that campaign up:

  1. We’ll create two campaigns in Salesforce: the first is titled Life Sciences eBook Hub and the second is titled Life Sciences Webinar Recording.
  2. Next, we’ll apply a tag to the Life Sciences eBook story in Bigtincan Hub to the Salesforce campaign Life Sciences eBook Hub so any time a salesperson sed the Life Sciences eBook to a prospect, the recipient is automatically added to the Salesforce eBook campaign. 
  3. The next step is logging into our Marketing Automation software and building new automation. We’ll set a rule that indicates that the Salesforce campaign equals Life Sciences eBook Hub. Since this is a living automation, any time someone engages with the eBook, they are added to the eBook campaign and the corresponding Marketo Automation.
  4. Then, we’ll create the email in Marketo to send the webinar recording to the eBook list. 
  5. Next, we’ll add sending that email as a step in the automation and push the automation live. Now, anyone who has engaged with the eBook has just received the webinar recording. 
  6. We can then set up new automations based on how recipients interact with the webinar, and from there, add them the Life Sciences Webinar Recording campaign in Salesforce. Now, when we log into, we can go into the Life Sciences Webinar Recording campaign and see who is in the campaign and see if any opportunities have come from it.

By linking the content that sales uses in their outreach efforts to a Salesforce campaign, We now have another data point to use for developing a nurture campaign.

Without Bigtincan, nurture campaigns are only informed by the actions people take based on their communications with marketing. But, as we all know, prospects don’t interact with just marketing or just sales – we’re all in it together.

What Adobe for sales enablement can do for you

Adobe’s digital asset and content management tools are essential for today’s marketers, bringing personalized experiences to multiple channels at scale. 

Bigtincan takes marketing to the next level with Adobe integrations that bring marketing and sales closer together. Whether you’re using Adobe InDesign, Captivate, or AEM, you can combine your essential tools with Bigtincan’s content delivery system, performance insights, and automations. 

Bigtincan extends the value of your investment in Adobe marketing tools by aligning sales and marketing and enhancing the customer experience. Book a demo to see the potential.


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