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Bigtincan for Adobe – Sales Enablement Made for Marketers

Today’s CMO has a multitude of channels to reach more than at any other time in history.  Forrester even has gone as far as to say that the role of CMO has shifted now to be “Chief Collaborator”. Gone are the days of departmental silos – CMOs are responsible for balancing the goals and processes of the product team, sales team, marketing team, customer success team, and more to deliver a seamless, consistent experience for customers. And that’s just the internal channels to reach – CMOs also are, of course, constantly seeking new channels to engage buyers.

As the clear leader in the market, most CMOs are using Adobe as the backbone for creating and managing experiences that are being deployed across these channels. With the introduction of Bigtincan for Adobe, these CMOs and their teams can now use Bigtincan to automate the delivery of these experiences to the sales teams, further extending the value of their existing investments, and bringing sales and marketing into tighter alignment.

Bigtincan ensures that whether you are creating PDF files in Adobe Acrobat or InDesign, rich HTML5-based learning experiences in Adobe Captivate, or powerful videos in Adobe Rush, the content and personalized experiences, will reach your sales, services, and channel organizations at the highest possible fidelity online or offline, on any major platform or device.  Once that carefully designed and executed content reaches the hands of the sales team, they can begin to Interact with buyers in a more engaging , personalized way. And when sales wins, marketing wins.

So what’s included in the Bigtincan for Adobe offering? Integrations include:

  • Adobe Experience Manager Integration (AEM) enables organizations to deliver a connected and compelling digital experience across the customer journey.
  • Adobe InDesign Extension publishes directly to Bigtincan and enables easy, and dynamic, personalization of the content from InDesign.
  • Marketo Marketing Automation/Adobe Campaign – accelerates campaign delivery, improves sales engagement and provides rich data/analytics to marketing automation platforms for leads and contacts.

This extends Adobe’s efforts with AEM to bring new and superior experiences to market faster. 

As I walk around the Adobe Summit I have been thrilled to hear positive feedback from everyone on this new offering.  Supporting marketers to increase the value of their investments, while they more effectively partner with the sales teams should not be a novel concept.  Helping them extend their existing solutions is a recipe for marketing and sales alignment.

More integrations, control, and insights into content – this is Sales Enablement made for Marketers.

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