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No industry has seen more change due to the digital and mobile revolution than the retail sector. Over the last several years, the industry has seen the rise of Amazon, the failure of national chains, declining foot traffic in stores, and customer preferences and behaviors that can shift in a flash. The retail industry has always been challenging, but never more than today.

To win in this new environment, retailers need to transform the customer shopping experience. Whether it is in-store interactions with sales associates, phone conversations with customer service personnel, or a chat session with an online sales rep; the goal is to make the customer experience more personalized and positive.

To achieve this clienteling-style of selling across channels, retailers need to empower their associates with the content and tools needed to reshape the shopping experience. In the changing retail landscape, sustained success will go to those companies that adopt intelligent, automated and agile ways to service their customers. That is precisely what Bigtincan delivers.

Transform experiences for retail associates with Bigtincan's retail content management system

You have invested a lot of time and money into your brand. Your employee and customer-facing systems need to leverage it fully.

While many companies will change a logo, match your brand colors, Bigtincan takes it a step further with robust customer-branded templates that are easy to set up and begin using.

Your employees and your customers will see your retail sales enablement initiative as an extension of the value you provide to them across the omnichannel experience and, as a result of this excellent customer experience, will result in higher adoption rates.

Bigtincan Learning’s modern user interface designed for mobile-first microlearning

Many retailers bring employees together for in-classroom training events, require them to navigate to the retail LMS, or provide web-based broadcast to distribute the newest training materials.

In far too many retail stores, employees huddle around a single desktop in the backroom to listen to required training and then take turns at the shared computer to complete their assessments.

You cannot afford to have your associates in the backroom; you need them on the floor speaking to customers!

No more wasting time huddled around that desktop computer. With Bigtincan Learning you can combine the best of all worlds.

Our sales associate training platform includes built-in coaching, gamification, and other modern learning approaches through a mobile-first platform.

Furthermore, it supports in-classroom training with a robust event registration solution, discussion forums for ongoing collaboration and ever-training, and can even playback those SCORM courses from your LMS.

Bigtincan’s API-created solutions can be configured to meet your specific business needs.

Retail stores as we know them today have been in existence for decades. While a far cry from what you would see today, the first Brooks Brothers store opened in the United States in 1818.

In spite of this, many of the operating tools and systems remain immature. Sticky notes, binders, notepads, staplers, and pencils are still on many retail floors.

Bigtincan’s retail enablement technology enables you to finally replace the outdated solutions of the past with the intelligent solutions of today and tomorrow.

Leverage integrated task and calendar systems, online audit forms and store visit guides, digital planograms, and deep integration with timekeeping, HR, and other critical business systems.

Turn boring packaging into an exciting virtual canvas for your products.

Bigtincan gives retailers a customizable interface to explode visual merchandising on the floor from associates’ smart devices.

Using the latest augmented reality technology you can overlay unique messaging, details, and live-action videos onto products to engage customers like never before.

Engage associates and store managers in a familiar, social-media-like experience.

Bigtincan comes with out-of-the-box retail technology to power your internal social feed. It provides the ability to share winning store layouts and merchandise displays across the retail via an “Instagram-like” image feed.

Used by retailers and franchises worldwide, it allows users to collaborate, praise, recommend, and interact with colleagues on what works.

Provide one-stop access to success metrics for store managers.

Bigtincan provides internal access to metric tracking while connectors bring in data from internal systems.

Track and measure activity, compliance and, training completion from your custom manager Dashboard.

See the impact of content for improved associate productivity. Content AI recommends best practices, increases teamwork and performance throughout customer interactions on the floor.

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