Sales Enablement for Life Sciences

Look beyond bureaucracy and move into the future.

Forget about being slowed down by regulatory, security, and compliance concerns—Bigtincan’s modern tools have been designed to take the Life Sciences industry into the future.

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HCP Access

Add speed and simplicity to clinical settings.

Match HCPs’ preferences by letting them join presentations on any device with a browser—providing full flexibility for meeting scheduling and fast opportunities for engagement.


Turn passive listening into active engagement.

Pull HCPs into your presentation with remote calls that are as powerful as face-to-face. Focus their attention on your rep and eDetailer, and leverage interactive content to fully engage.

Remote e-detailing

Meet your customers wherever and whenever it suits them.

Run fully compliant remote e-detailing meetings with physicians, payers, KOLs, or other customers on the device of their choice. They simply join via a link, and you broadcast your content, capturing all data on views, clicks and actions.

Improve productivity with Salesforce and Veeva Vault
Bigtincan’s Salesforce and Veeva Vault Integrations eliminate data entry and improve the quality and quantity of CRM data.
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Interactive Experiences

Bring your products to life.

Present products (that can’t be brought into the room) in a real world environment with Bigtincan XR—and give people a better idea of how these work, and what they look like in reality.

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“Bigtincan is the hub of all of your digital needs. You're able to integrate your CRM Data as well as your content to really see where the value is.”
Brad Shafton, Director of Innovation & UX
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