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Life science companies — from biotechnology to medical devices, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals — need compliant content. These highly-regulated industries are tasked with increasing efficiency, while at the same time improving patient outcomes and lowering operational costs.

This means it can get challenging for salespeople operating under ever-changing regulations and the consequences linked to regulatory non-compliance. Sales enablement for Life Sciences is essential for healthcare sales due to the unique set of challenges that come with the territory. Our platform comes equipped with a variety of tools that support your compliance-approved content for on-the-go selling, including a secure bring-your-own-device solution and an AI-driven content management system.

What’s more, Bigtincan gives sellers instant access to sales collacteral, AR/VR presentations, and AI-driven recommendations that help them prepare for consultative interactions with key opinion leaders (KOLs). With just a click away from a robust amount of sales collateral and content formats, sellers are able to use and present the very same content when meeting with KOLs.

With Bigtincan® Hub™, customer-facing life sciences and healthcare teams have the tools they need to optimize their time with time-strapped physicians, key prescribers, and key opinion leaders (KOLs).

In the life sciences industry, constant change means sales content comes with an expiration date. As a result, healthcare sales reps risk heading out on a  meeting with outdated information. With Bigtincan, you don’t need to worry about using old content to train employees or close the deal with a hot prospect.

Bigtincan® Hub™ sales enablement automation platform helps keep your marketing and sales teams aligned. By providing marketing teams the ability to edit materials, healthcare companies can ensure that their sales force automatically has the newest version to deliver to prospects. This access to real-time data reduces the risk of hefty fines associated with regulatory non-compliance.

Additionally, many companies operating in the health and life sciences space are wary of threats to both profitability and quota attainment, such as narrower margins and industry consolidation. This translates to some field teams competing harder in smaller territories for fewer accounts.

  • On-demand learning: Bigtincan Learning provides formal learning management systems (LMS) and informal learning tools that are fully integrated both on and offline, allowing new staff to become productive—fast.  With Bigtincan, you can build a robust on-demand video coaching and training program to ensure that your sales reps and MSLs will be ready and confident for their meetings. Create, deliver, and update training materials that sellers can bookmark for on-the-go access, ensuring they’re always equipped to deliver value to physicians and prescribers.
  • Compliant, controlled content management: Built-in content management tools eliminate version control problems by automatically syncing new content to user devices, while role-based access makes it easy for administrators to grant viewing, editing, and publishing permissions to authorized viewers.
  • AI-based content sharing: Automatically push the latest content to your teams’ web and mobile devices for flexible access online or off. Bigtincan Life Sciences (LS) helps reps sell smarter, prepare for meetings, and deliver the right content at the right time—no matter the location, environment, or WiFi quality.
  • Optimize selling time: Make life easier on busy physicians, prescribers, and KOLs. Bigtincan can automate administrative tasks, share content via Outlook, and capture field data via the interactive forms tool. Salesforce, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM),  and Veeva Vault integrations eliminate data entry and improve the quality and quantity of CRM data.

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What sales software for life sciences & healthcare can do for your organization

Life sciences marketing teams can create presentations, sales collateral, and marketing materials and upload them to Bigtincan’s centralized content management system. Content is kept securely in the cloud-based hub and helps teams ensure that reps are always prepared for the next meeting and in compliance with ever-changing guidelines.

Move away from 2D powerpoint presentations and printed sales catalogs and toward immersive VR and AR experiences. Life sciences sales reps can’t exactly bring large complex products with them on every sales call.

In regards to healthcare, AR and VR allow reps to show prospects how medical devices or equipment might look in their office. Or, they might go inside the body to show physicians and prescribers how a new drug impacts internal systems.

Bigtincan removes the barriers to selling in this high-stakes industry and delivers a better customer experience.

Our automated content management system also helps life sciences marketing teams ensure that reps only have access to the most recent content — you’ll never need to worry about using out-of-date content that could put your company at risk.

Sellers need all the help they can get. That’s why Bigtincan offers sales software for life sciences with built-in AI to make smart recommendations. This way, prospects always receive the content that best suits their needs.

Over time, Bigtincan’s Sales AI learns from your interactions with prospects and customers and uses those insights to deliver better recommendations at the right time. Additionally, Bigtincan’s automated, real-time delivery selects and sends the most relevant content to sales and service reps without any intervention from content creators — pushing on-brand, compliant content to any device, whether its operation system is iOS, Windows, or Android.

Bigtincan’s guided selling modules mean that sellers always have the right information at their fingertips, allowing quick access to training content and reference docs that help them put their best (and most compliant) face forward while working in the field.

This feature is particularly useful in a healthcare sales environment, where reps need up-to-date information about thousands of products. Bigtincan’s recommendations are based on the experiences of your entire team, using past performance to help reps identify useful resources or navigate complex selling situations that involve pitching to physicians or key opinion leaders.

The result? All sales reps, from the seasoned vet to the new hire, have access to the information they need to sell more effectively and drive revenue.

Bigtincan’s intuitive UI makes it easy for mobile workers to stay productive, no matter where the day takes them. Visual search technology allows field reps to quickly search for content with rich media descriptions, metadata, and tags to find exactly what they need. Users can also streamline workflows, using Bigtincan’s automated smart forms, which means less time spent creating and submitting forms.

With over 100+ integrations like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Bigtincan works with the tools your sales teams are already using!

Additionally, integrations with Salesforce and Veeva Vault bring CRM data into the same central location as digital forms and marketing materials, for an all-in-one experience that allows for more time spent building relationships with clients.

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