Transform the entire sales lifecycle.

Win the productivity battle and keep reps focused on core sales activities with a host of intelligent enablement products that automate side tasks.

Let the numbers do the talking.


    of training content is forgotten within 30 days.


    of sales reps’ time is spent on selling.


    of sales reps do not make their quotas.


    of reps say they can’t find content to send to prospects.
Content for Sales

Keep your team’s eye on the ball.

Help your sellers focus on what they do best: wowing prospects. Make sure they have the right content, at the right time—then inform marketing colleagues about what’s working (and what’s not).

Collaborate on content creation

Empower your sellers to work with marketing in a simple interface that makes it easy to create impactful content that guides your buyers to the right decision.

Enjoy quick access to content

Sellers can quickly access and present to customers the best content for any sales situation—on any device, through 150+ file types.

Crunch invaluable insights

Make impactful decisions based on how your sellers, customers, and prospects consume and engage with your content.

Share content flexibly (and on the fly)

Share marketing-approved content with your buyers and get visibility into how they’re interacting with it—so you can follow up in a timely and appropriate manner.

Engagement for Sales

Transform buyer-seller interactions.

Make every conversation more effective, whether it’s a live chat or a follow-up email using invaluable insights and virtual capabilities.

Engage in a secure environment

Give your sellers a secure place to meet with their prospects and customers via web conferencing, microsites, digital sales rooms, and more.

Save time with Integrations

Give your sellers more time in front of customers by auto logging sales activities to your CRM—and accessing content and recommendations from within other sales tools.

Get real-time visibility

Track engagement during meetings and quickly understand how your customers are interacting with the content shared with them.

Engage via email and video

Execute email and video campaigns with approved templates and recommended content.

Enjoy seamless Integrations.

Easily sync with your favorite tools, from email content repositories to CRM systems.

See what sales managers (just like you) are saying about Bigtincan.

“Bigtincan is 100% responsible for giving us back about four hours of our time per sales rep. We’re able to double our sales, simply because we’re able to get twice as much done in the same nine-hour day.”
Robbie Herbert
Green Home Systems
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