Bigtincan marketing for Government sector

From education and healthcare to public safety, federal, state, and municipal agencies are responsible for delivering a complex mix of services in the most efficient way possible.

Government agencies at all levels are now expected to collaborate with customers, provide fast response times, and be transparent in their communications with the public.

Bigtincan Hub brings sales enablement tools to government workers, allowing them to leverage constituent data, existing content, and more to deliver better experiences to community members.

Additionally, our learning platform (available as an add-on to Bigtincan Hub) makes it easy to prepare government employees for improved interactions in the field. Users can build and deliver on-demand microlearning courses that break down key concepts one step at a time and engage learners with in-app leaderboards, achievements, and milestones.

Bigtincan’s government sales tools bring private sector experience to civil service.

Customers from all demographics expect ease and accessibility from the companies they interact with, including government services. Agencies must embrace today’s customer-centric values, and strategies across all organizations to keep constituents engaged and active in their communities. 

Bigtincan Hub improves the experience for employees and citizens alike with its sales enablement for government platform. Workers can access content from any device, allowing them to deliver faster resolutions to problems and increase engagement with constituents. With hundreds of integrations, Bigtincan Hub fits smoothly in with existing workflows and processes. 

Bigtincan offers government sales teams content management tools, intelligent automation, and dynamic reporting in one intuitive platform. Our learning platform, Bigtincan Learning, can be purchased as an add-on to the Hub and allows users to create customized training programs that lead to improved efficiency, responsiveness, and increased citizen engagement.

  • Design & deliver constituent-centric experiences: Use pictures, slideshows, videos, and more to inspire citizen engagement and action. Our built-in intelligent automation offers content recommendations that make it easy for government sales teams to present the most relevant content to constituents across all segments and situations.
  • Content management: Bigtincan’s content management capabilities ensure that your organization’s assets don’t become a liability. Our platform helps agencies ensure government sales teams not only receive the materials they need to engage with constituents but that they’re armed with updated, approved messaging every time. 
  • Mobile-first access: Government sales teams have instant access to unified and up-to-date information about available programs, eligibility requirements, and more from any device or location.
  • Content analytics: Built-in reporting tools enable managers to see which pieces of content are being used the most, how well they are working in the field, and which pieces of content need to be improved or retired.
  • Government sales training & onboarding: Empower workers to connect with community organizations, constituents, and local businesses. Employees always get the latest updates, delivered to their devices, empowering them to become experts on changing offerings.

What can government sales tools do for your organization?

Bigtincan allows users to design, build, and deliver consumer-grade experiences in a mobile, branded environment. Government sales teams can showcase their ideas during meetings directly from their mobile phone or tablet whether they’re connected to WiFi or not. Our platform offers support for 150+ file-formats including video, audio, AR, and HTML5, as well as spreadsheets and Powerpoint slides.

What’s more, Bigtincan’s AI-powered content management system prevents version control problems, automatically syncing the latest updates to workers’ devices anytime the communication team adds or edits something new, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to messaging.

Bigtincan offers dynamic reporting tools that empower your team, providing them with real-time, actionable insights so they can best serve the public.

Customizable dashboards reveal which pieces of content are used during constituent engagements and by whom. Usage analytics reveal how stakeholders interact with the content they receive, enabling data-driven decision-making about which content to use in the strategy moving forward.

Government sales teams now have the ability to track how content impacts their interactions. Learn what’s working, what’s not, and fine-tune your content strategy based on which materials and formats resonate with stakeholders and constituent groups.

Bigtincan’s mobile-first platform gives employees instant access to essential government sales solutions from anywhere. Users can access presentations in multiple formats allowing them to present interactive content to help explain new initiatives, public programs, and more while on the move.

Bigtincan Hub can automatically provide intelligent content recommendations for any customer interaction or selling situation. The platform’s built-in AI tracks and analyzes prospect engagements, customer interactions, and other contextual elements to improve

Guided selling gives government sales teams some extra support by identifying the content best suited for specific audiences, allowing front-line workers to stay focused on building better relationships with community members and organizations rather than spending time digging through messy folders to find that one PDF.

New initiatives, program updates, public health campaigns, events, and changing legislation make it a challenge for public sector employees to keep track of everything manually.

Government sales solutions help workers prepare for any meeting, public engagement, or proposal by automatically delivering the latest training content, news, and marketing materials to any device.

Bigtincan’s government sales training and coaching solutions take learning on the road and make it a continuous experience. Reinforce formal training programs with self-guided government sales training that is automatically adjusted and optimized based on employee role, skills, programs, and constituent personas.

Bigtincan is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing platforms to streamline workflows, automate admin tasks, and eliminate paper-based processes. Connect your existing content repositories like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox to the Hub — this way, you can upload, organize, and consolidate content without changing your existing processes.

Integrations with and other CRM systems allow organizations to keep stakeholder communications and content in one central location for a holistic view of activity. Email integrations with Gmail and Outlook make the inbox a more efficient place, as government sales teams can access content from Bigtincan Hub without navigating away from the message, and Adobe integrations allow communications teams to design consumer-grade content directly from the Hub.