Interactive Experiences

Welcome to the future of buyer engagement.

Say goodbye to your traditional sales content. Bring your products to life with interactive presentations and mixed reality experiences that keep your buyers engaged.

Create immersive experiences buyers won’t forget.

Mixed reality allows sellers to merge physical and digital worlds so customers can explore your brand and products in a way that was never possible before.

Provide a variety of interactions

Create and deliver interactive content that combines videos, images, 3D models, slides, PDFs, and more.

Make virtual products feel real

Utilize mixed reality to enable customers to pick up, rotate, and examine virtual products from every angle, directly from their phone or tablet.

Enhance training with dynamic and hands-on experiences

Simulate real-world scenarios where trainees can interact with digital objects and receive real-time feedback on their actions.

Bring static content to life

Overlay digital elements onto real-world objects such as tradeshow booths, signage, product brochures, and more.

Effortlessly generate mixed reality content with a robust curation tool.

Easily create new interactive experiences by dragging and dropping content—images, audio, video, and more. Do it yourself or let the Bigtincan team help you every step of the way.

Meet Bigtincan’s AR camera.

Provide your customers with an unparalleled experience by allowing them to visualize your products in their real-life environments. Our AR camera allows sales teams to effortlessly showcase full-scale products for interactive demonstrations, view individual product components, provide training, and much more.

Transport your customers into virtual showrooms.

Unleash your brand’s potential with a fully customized virtual showroom. From a simple introductory space to a full experience comprising a lobby and an extensive showroom, our experts at Bigtincan will take care of the building and hosting – all you need to do is provide the assets!