Bigtincan XR

Create immersive experiences.

Help buyers envision and learn about complex products with next gen AR & VR technology (the buyer engagement game-changer).

Bigtincan XR—what is it?

What do the parts of a jet engine look like three-dimensionally? What would that device look like in my office? Augmented and Virtual Reality brings products to life—taking the guesswork out of buying.

Create a variety of interactions

Deliver engaging experiences that combine videos, images, 3D models, slides, PDFs, and more to showcase your products.

Make your products come to life

Add a product to a room in its real size, measure available space, arrange paintings on a wall, simulate the placement of machines, and more.

Transport buyers into a VR

Show your buyers what their environment could look like with your products or services.

Deliver immersive experiences

Increase engagement, improve how you interact with buyers, get better responses, and guarantee brand recognition.

XR Content

Shape unique experiences with a powerful editing tool.

Create new interactions by dragging and dropping content—images, audio, video, and more—with an easy-to-use editing tool. And with a variety of editing options, there’s no limit on the scenarios you can create.

AR Camera

Meet Bigtincan’s AR camera.

With an AR camera—accessed in just a few clicks—your sellers will be able to drop products into real-life environments, right in front of your buyers’ eyes.