Sales AI

more with less.

Let AI do the busywork. Free your revenue teams to do more of what matters: Thinking, creating, and connecting with your customers.

Meet your new personal AI sales assistant.

Tony Stark wasn’t Iron Man without Jarvis. There’s no Batman without Alfred (and his tech). Give your sellers that extra spark and set of hands to realize their full potential with GenieAI™.

Find the right answers — fast.

Type how you speak and get the right answer with SearchAI, including content summaries and file references.

SearchAI product shot

Get a head start.

Quickly produce sales email drafts and content descriptions to solve the blank page problem.

GenieAI product shot

Fast-forward video production.

Generate realistic speech from text to narrate training videos in one take and quickly caption and translate videos using AuthoringAI.

AuthoringAI product shot

Prompt trustworthy responses.

Get the power of an LLM within the context of your own content and query guidance from prompt suggestions with Genie Assistant.

Genie Assistant product shot

10x productivity (at a minimum).

What could your sellers do with a 10x productivity gain? Find out with GenieAI.

No sales coaches? No problem.

Get sales manager focus back on strategy and give your sellers a safe space to practice on demand using RolePlayAI, with fresh dialogue every time and AI feedback based on your selected sales methodology.

RolePlayAI product shot

Put an SME in every seller’s pocket.

Give sellers immediate, expert answers to proprietary content, brand, and product questions. The best part? There’s no risk of “hallucinated” AI responses if the answer can’t be found in your content.

SearchAI product shot

Smarter, more effective meetings.

Automate meeting summaries, note-logging, and even get guidance on next steps with MeetingsAI, letting your sales teams and deals move faster without sacrificing crucial admin tasks.

MeetingAI image

Use AI ethically — and securely.

Bigtincan’s SecureGLP™ is the industry’s leading secure platform for managing AI in an increasingly complex world of data security.

SecureGLP image