Be confident your team is buyer-ready.

Prepare, upskill, and train your customer-facing teams to deliver a first-class buying experience.

The old way

Ad-hoc onboarding, static training materials, legacy LMS', and patchy in-person coaching
has made learning foggy.

The new way

Provide clarity and direction with learning software reimagined for today's workforce.

Train at any stage

Make sure your sellers are customer-ready with just-in-time training, onboarding, and everboarding.

Empower learners

Let reps learn at their own pace (and retain more info) by uploading, curating, and breaking up training into manageable pieces.

Coach large teams from anywhere

Provide coaching at scale to save manager time while giving personalized feedback to every member of the team.

Make learning engaging

Incentivize learning (and inspire healthy competition) with games, badges, and leaderboards.

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"We now have a scalable process for ensuring our employees are genuinely owning OwnBackup messaging and knowledge."
Thomas K. Cheriyan, Director of Sales Enablement
Own Backup
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Make training make sense

Deliver engaging, memorable training your reps need with existing presentations and video-based content that can be created quickly, updated easily, and accessed anywhere.

Quickly import existing slide decks, video content, screen recordings, and more to add to your new courses.

Manage coaching at scale

Streamline the coaching process with AI-powered analysis and scoring. Capture and share the best examples to foster peer learning and improve team-wide performance.

Monitor progress with Readiness Scorecards

Quickly visualize readiness progress for individuals and teams. Diagnose problems and skill gaps faster to address head-on before they impact performance.

Conversation Intelligence

Have conversations customers remember (in a good way).

Reps can practice pitches, presentations, and even adjust their tone before talking to customers with on-demand, subjective, AI-driven feedback that evaluates emotional impact.

Adapted Learning Paths

Map AI-driven paths for individual learners.

Engage learners more effectively and improve success rates by tailoring each step of your program to an individual learner’s skill level, gaps, and role.

Create interactive learning experiences with AR & VR.

Simplify and teach complex concepts to your teams with hands-on, risk-free training.


Supplement your coaching program.

Reinforce sales plays and product knowledge with quizzes, curated content, and self-guided Microlearning lessons. Then quickly provide reps with the critical info they need, so they can spend more time selling and being productive.