Bigtincan Technology Platform

The technology industry, particularly ‘B2B,’ is one of the fastest growing and most competitive markets on the planet. Buyers are sophisticated, informed, and connected, but they’re also busy and bombarded with various competing solutions.

As such, today’s buyer educates themselves extensively before ever making contact with a vendor. When they do finally reach out, they often keep their buying processes opaque.

Bigtincan makes sales enablement for technology easy, combining content management and delivery, onboarding and training, and sales coaching and collaboration into one mobile, intuitive platform.

Our learning management system, Bigtincan Learning can be purchased as an add-on to Bigtincan Hub, or as a standalone product, allowing organizations to extend their sales enablement for technology efforts. Build, design, and deploy technology sales training via bite-sized microlearning lessons, video sales coaching, and gamification elements that keep users invested in their progress.

Technology sales often involve selling intangible, highly sophisticated products. Whether it’s complex feature sets, difficult concepts, or AI capabilities that require a background in computer sciences, Bigtincan helps sellers prepare for any prospect interaction. It doesn’t matter if they already know the product better than the salesperson or don’t know anything at all to start. 

Our technology sales solutions allow users to design and build sales content in their choice of the 150+ file formats our platform supports, making the intangible more comprehensible.

Bigtincan incorporates sales content management for technology teams, dynamic reporting, and intelligent automation into a single platform centered on driving sales.

  • Sales enablement for technology made easy Difficult to explain, technology sales solutions often require customized content to prove value to buyers. Bigtincan changes the way technology sales teams access, present, and share content. Build custom presentations, multimedia demos, and even leverage AR/VR during prospect interactions.
  • Content management for technology Automated, real-time content delivery brings perfect-fit content to sellers’ fingertips, while intuitive collaboration tools and mobile-first access make it easy to share interactive presentations with buyers from anywhere.
  • Continuous technology sales training keeps sellers updated — Technology sales teams must keep up with every industry insight, bug fix, and feature release to differentiate themselves in a crowded sector. Bigtincan Learning users can help learners keep track of every detail through effective learning tactics like microlearning and gamification.
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How sales enablement for technology brings more value to your organization

Communicating the value of complex technology solutions can be difficult without hands-on experiences and visual aids to back them up. Slide decks and sales sheets don’t always resonate with buyers and long-form white papers can feel like a burden to busy prospects.

Bigtincan changes the game for technology sales, allowing salespeople to demonstrate what their solutions offer in a tangible way with AR/VR presentations, video, and more. 

Bigtincan’s technology sales tools allow you to create custom presentations sellers can open and run directly from a unique, branded environment, across 150+ different file types that can be accessed and shared online or off, on any device. 

Marketing teams have control over who can open, edit, or share content, and built-in version control ensures that all salespeople have the most recent version of every piece of content.

Other sales enablement for technology platforms come with complex, over-powered reporting functions that make it difficult for non-technical users — particularly time-strapped, on-the-go salespeople — to identify the information that drives action.

Bigtincan offers intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards that allow teams to visualize and analyze their data — fast. Sales gains the ability to leverage customer data to speed up the sales cycle, with actionable insights available on their mobile device.

Marketing teams can track the impact of their content, which means they can finally connect their efforts to revenue and make strategy adjustments based on real data. Learn which presentations resonate with buyers and then duplicate that process, setting the stage for future successes.

Salespeople are always on the move, making the need for mobile access at an all-time high. Bigtincan allows people to keep working, learning, training, or preparing for the next big meeting on their terms — and on any device.

Bigtincan Hub adds further value to your technology sales strategy by offering a hands-on selling experience. Prospects can touch screens and interact with content during meetings, a strategy proven to increase the impact of the engagement.

And, with built-in guided selling, salespeople get some extra support in the field.

Sellers can follow best practices defined by sales leaders’ past successes and draw on playbooks and team-based knowledge to create a winning sales pitch that exceeds buyers’ high expectations. We even offer a built-in coaching model, allowing seasoned salespeople to pass knowledge to less-experienced colleagues.

Bigtincan’s platforms are built to integrate into the platforms that your technology sales teams are already using. Content repositories like Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box integrate and sync with Bigtincan Hub, allowing teams to add and update content as usual, while benefiting from Bigtincan’s automated content delivery, version control, and easy search functionality.

Seamless integration with, Hubspot, and other CRM systems streamlines workflows for customer-facing teams and automate administrative tasks like updating customer records or logging meetings, allowing technology sales teams to stay focused on selling. Adobe integrations allow marketers to design engaging collateral from inside the Hub and integrations with marketing automation platforms allows teams to connect campaigns to content usage.

Sophisticated products require in-depth training and are always evolving. It’s hard enough to remember what every feature does, much less offer tailored solutions to every customer. 

Bigtincan Learning’s next-gen learning platform helps salespeople stand out in a competitive landscape, with modern training techniques that make it easy to keep pace with ever-changing features, promotions, and offers. 

Microlearning sessions bring learners up to speed on everything from sales tactics to product knowledge and persona-specific solutions, breaking key concepts into bite-sized courses. Users can build an in-app reward system — complete with goals, milestones, and leaderboards — that keep learners invested in their progress.

Test sellers’ knowledge with quizzes and video assignments and track their performance in the field against training engagement. Coaching solutions take things a step further — allowing experienced salespeople to pass on valuable knowledge to new hires.