Bigtincan Hub for the Financial Industry

Financial services sales teams are up against some major challenges. They must accurately describe a diverse and complex set of products and services to a range of customer segments. They must provide unbiased, informed recommendations to help clients meet their financial goals while documenting their activities based on an ever-changing set of regulations. Simultaneously, they must always deliver the personalized experience that today’s consumers expect.

Bigtincan maximizes workforce productivity by transforming how financial firms interact with, create, and share content when operating in a highly regulated environment. It’s those advisors who can clearly communicate the value of complex products and services across a range of scenarios who will succeed.

Upgrade your training programs with Bigtincan Learning. Users can build and deliver on-demand training courses that keep learners engaged with in-app leaderboards, achievements, and milestones. 

Success starts by providing your advisors the financial services sales tools they need to increase productivity and build trust Bigtincan can help.

Sales enablement for financial services involves way more than creating content and practicing sales strategies. Due to the complex regulatory landscape, it means getting the right content to the right advisor at the right time, while maintaining compliance and control over the content shared with customers.  

Bigtincan offers financial services firms content management, document automation, training and coaching, and communication tools in one place to power up the sales cycle and keep pace with change. 

Our mobile-first learning platform can be purchased as an add-on to the Hub and allows users to create customized training programs that learners love. 

  • Content management for financial services firms: Bigtincan Hub aggregates content from siloed cloud repositories, portals, and databases and organizes all of that content using your brand’s tags and terminology. Built-in SalesAI dynamically distributes materials to advisors and supports them with smart recommendations. Bigtincan’s content management tools also add controls that ensure sellers always present the latest assets to clients without the risk of non-compliance. 
  • Document Automation: Our Document Automation platform, Bigtincan Automation, provides the most robust financial reporting and presentation automation on the market. Bigtincan automation allows users to connect a wide range of data sources which can then be used to generate personalized content tailored to specific audiences, segments, or individuals.
  • Mobile-first financial services sales tools: From customized playbooks to training materials, presentations, and sales collateral, Bigtincan gives financial services sales advisors everything they need to engage with customers.
  • Onboarding and financial services sales training: Prepare sellers to deliver personalized solutions to clients and prospects, driving client retention and new revenue, while maintaining compliance. Advisors get instant access to the most recent product information, empowering them to become experts on evolving product offerings.
  • Content Analytics and Reporting: Financial services sales and marketing teams can see how clients interact with specific pieces of content. Customizable dashboards present valuable data as attractive, easy-to-understand visualizations, allowing teams to quickly see what’s succeeding and what needs work.

What can financial services sales tools do for your organization?

Branding is a big deal in the financial services sector. Bigtincan supports 150+ file types, including Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Premiere, YouTube, PowerPoint, and HTML 5, making it easy to create custom, compliant sales assets that remain consistent across touchpoints. 

The platform also aggregates content from multiple repositories, then tags and organizes materials in a central location, allowing advisors to quickly locate what they need. 

Bigtincan’s content management capabilities eliminate version control problems, automatically syncing new content to mobile devices and connected repositories anytime marketing approves an edit, preventing salespeople from sharing outdated or incorrect information with clients.

The platform also eliminates the risks associated with regulatory non-compliance with authoring controls over who can edit, share, and access specific materials. Features like watermarking and the ability to block or restrict sharing protect sensitive information without compromising advisors’ ability to easily access content for customers.

In the financial services sector, personalization is a competitive advantage and a critical strategy for boosting sales and driving loyalty. And more and more, customers expect brands in every industry to provide custom solutions, made just for them.

Bigtincan Automation allows financial services sales teams to create personalized presentations on the fly, allowing marketers to develop dynamic source content that can be used as a template for custom reports, segment-specific infographics, client-specific playbooks. Dynamic content pulls data from connected sources such as Salesforce, SharePoint, SQL databases, and REST-based Web Services. 

In complex regulatory environments like the financial services sector, users can set workflows that require final content files (like a custom report or a pitch book) be verified for accuracy and compliance and approved before sending to clients. 

Additionally, Automation users can create separate CMS libraries for more control over certain types that contain particularly sensitive information.

Turn your financial sales team into expert consultants with personalized solutions that meet customer needs. Financial services sales teams are up against a lot: From addressing trust issues like cybercrime and data management, to embracing an omnichannel sales strategy and keeping up with ever-changing policies and regulations.

Bigtincan takes learning on the road, providing easy, mobile-first access to onboarding materials to bring new hires up to speed fast — while experienced advisors can evolve skills and deepen knowledge at their convenience. 

Bigtincan Learning users can bring learning into daily workflows, so reps always have access to the correct information. Build microlearning courses that introduce new concepts a few minutes at a time. Encourage engagement with in-app incentives like badges and live leaderboards, and customize learning experiences to individuals.

Bigtincan offers dynamic reporting tools that give both sales and marketing teams insights into which content is being used and how buyers are engaging with it. This allows users to further define which resources work best for establishing trust and guiding decision-making throughout the sales cycle.

Financial services sales and marketing teams can see how content directly influences revenue and can learn what’s working and what’s not — and come up with a plan to refine their strategy, fill content gaps, and answer questions based on real customer questions.

Financial services sales is a complex industry going through some major transformations. Big banks are reimagining brick-and-mortar, moving toward “smart branches” that enhance the in-person customer experience. At the same time, mobile advisors are becoming an increasingly popular way to support customers remotely. 

Bigtincan’s mobile-first platform keeps advisors informed from anywhere — ensuring a seamless transition for customers between online banking and personal interactions.The platform makes it easy to send the right message, with presentation materials and sales collateral available on-demand, online or off. 

Guided selling gives advisors some extra support, helping them identify which pieces of content will move deals forward based on past wins. Let your salespeople stay focused on the deal, rather than digging for the perfect piece of sales collateral.

Bigtincan was designed to seamlessly integrate with the platforms your financial services sales teams already have in place. Connect with Salesforce to align customer records with content and training activities, or use Adobe tools to create sales collateral from inside the Hub before sending it off.

We offer out-of-the-box integration with a range of content repositories such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft One Drive, allowing you to access and deliver content to sellers’ devices from multiple locations. 

For further customization, our Rest-based API and CSV data export mean that you can integrate Bigtincan Hub with just about any system your team uses in their daily workflow.