Bigtincan Hub for manufacturing companies

Selling in the digital age comes with its own unique set of challenges for manufacturers. In an industry that once thrived on face-to-face selling, manufacturing companies tend to lag behind other sectors when it comes to adopting customer-facing technologies for sales, marketing, and field services.

The stakes are changing, and buyers want sellers to show them why their product is the best.

Consider what sales enablement for manufacturing can do for manufacturing businesses.

Bigtincan’s sales enablement platform, combined with Bigtincan Catalog — a solution designed specifically for companies with 1000s of SKUs (available as an add-on to Bigtincan Hub) — delivers instant access to large product data sets.

Bigtincan Catalogs also includes cross-reference capabilities that digitize your competitive information, allowing sellers to compare solutions in front of customers to cross-reference your product against the competition.

Bigtincan Hub gives salespeople the tools they need to not only sell, but to easily keep track of every product in their catalog.

In addition to passion and relationship building, the hallmark of a great salesperson is knowledge. They know everything about a company’s product or service, everything about the company itself, and most importantly, everything about the company’s customers.

But, customers nowadays are now more digitally savvy than ever before. In selling situations sales teams need to be the ones in control, not prospects. Adopting sales enablement for manufacturing within an organization places a variety of dedicated sales tools in the hands of salespeople, putting the sales team back in the driver’s seat of the buyer’s journey.

Bigtincan offers a comprehensive set of sales enablement tools including Bigtincan Catalog, an add-on to Bigtincan Hub, designed to help manufacturing salespeople access the product data they need to answer customer questions on the spot. The platform also includes a built-in cross-reference app, which provides on-demand access to competitive insights sellers can reference during customer interactions.

Bigtincan’s all-in-one manufacturing sales solution streamlines processes, drives sales, and increases efficiency.

  • Dynamic catalogs support prospect engagements. Arm your manufacturing sales teams with the ability to access product specs, content, and competitive intel from anywhere, quickly creating quotes and answering client questions without skipping a beat.
  • Mobile-first access. Bigtincan’s Intelligent Automation delivers the sales collateral, product information, prospect insights, and more directly to sellers’ fingertips. What’s more, guided selling modules help sellers deliver the right solutions to clients, even when there are thousands of SKUs to choose from.
  • Content analytics reveal how content is being used: Bigtincan Hub’s dynamic reporting tools help organizations measure the impact content has on the sales cycle. Users also gain access to built-in feedback loops helping marketers understand which pieces of content are most successful, and which assets need to be improved, updated, or retired.
  • Manufacturing sales training that supports continuous learning. Bigtincan Learning is a digital learning platform that can be purchased as a standalone solution or as a Hub add-on. Users can engage their workforce using gamification and microlearning, enabling them to learn more in less time.

What can manufacturing sales tools do for your organization?

With Bigtincan Catalog, manufacturing sales teams gain access to deep product information allowing them to quickly find answers to prospects’ questions on the spot.

Users can also create quotes while engaging with customers, access detailed information for any product, and easily link to related products — no matter how many SKUs are in their portfolio.

Built-in cross-referencing features provide on-demand access to competitor’s product information, allowing sellers to scan specs and prices from similar solutions while meeting with customers.

In manufacturing sales, poor training and onboarding can lead to missed opportunities, high turnover rates, and low morale. These days, workforce training and development is essential for businesses looking to boost employee retention and drive ROI. Bigtincan’s sales enablement platform, combined with mobile-first learning and onboarding technology, delivers an unsurpassed manufacturing sales training experience. Gamification and microlearning improve individual performance and help team members take their skill set to the next level.

Content management is the foundation of any winning sales enablement strategy. Sales content helps mitigate customer concerns and bypass any obstacles during the sales process. And when it comes to content management for manufacturing, the deliverables need to be engaging, interactive, actionable, and reusable. With Bigtincan Hub’s SalesAI, prospect engagements and customer interactions will be tracked and analyzed, resulting in real-time recommendations on the best and most relevant content needed to ensure a successful customer interaction.

With its advanced dynamic reporting capabilities and actionable insights, Bigtincan makes accessing manufacturing sales analytics a breeze.

Built-in reporting tools give sales and marketing teams accessible insights on the content being used and how buyers are engaging with those assets. The platform’s customizable dashboards serve up valuable insights in the form of attractive visualizations, making it easy for teams to identify which pieces resonate with buyers, and which need to be reworked or retired.

Bigtincan goes beyond the capabilities offered by traditional content management platforms with a mobile-first solution designed to support manufacturing sales teams, no matter where the job takes them — be it the warehouse, the factory floor, or en route to the next meeting.

Sellers can access presentation materials, sales collateral, and product details on demand, regardless of connectivity. What’s more, AI-driven content recommendations and guided selling ensure that salespeople always come prepared — helping them identify the right collateral for any buyer engagement.

Using Bigtincan means sales teams no longer jump back and forth between different platforms. Bigtincan integrates with a wide range of content repositories including Google Docs, Dropbox, and Microsoft One Drive. Built for quick and easy integration, Bigtincan improves the day-to-day workflow of manufacturing sales teams and enables a seamless selling experience.