The sales enablement platform that modernizes how customer-facing teams work.

Bigtincan’s sales enablement platform helps organizations grow customer engagements into long-term valued relationships via four pillars of sales enablement: sales content management, sales training and coaching, document automation, and internal communications.

Designed in collaboration with Apple, our device-agnostic platform offers users a beautiful, intuitive UI that can be fully personalized to your brand and the way your teams work. Our UI is mirrored across desktop and mobile, making Bigtincan one of the only true mobile sales enablement platforms in the industry.

Integrated software solutions — including a modern learning management software (LMS), document automation, and a digital catalog application — can be purchased as add-ons to extend the functionality of the main Bigtincan Hub platform. Additionally, 100+ third-party integrations allows Bigtincan to work seamlessly with your company’s existing tech stack.

Sales Enablement Automation Platform on computer

Transform sellers into expert advisors with Bigtincan’s sales content management platform.

It’s no secret that content rules today’s customer-centric sales environment. With buyers researching solutions on their own well before reaching out to a vendor, high-quality content is the key to guiding prospects toward smart buying decisions.

Bigtincan Hub aggregates all of your sales collateral into a centralized repository for your on-the-go customer-facing teams to access on demand - on or offline. With predictive content recommendations via Bigtincan’s SalesAI, you can ensure each member of your team is served up the right content at the right time to guide prospects through each step of the buyer journey.

Rendering over 150 file types, Bigtincan Hub allows sellers to deliver a unique multimedia experience to enhance every customer engagement. Sellers using Bigtincan can share content directly to customers, and later, review usage analytics to gather informative insights about future engagement and re-engagement efforts. Bigtincan Hub also automates various tasks along the way, including logging the engagement information into your CRM.

For marketing, dynamic reporting brings powerful analytics and visual reporting tools into the content management platform to give marketers insight into content usage. From there, marketers can refine their content strategy and determine the ROI of their content creation efforts.

Internal communication tools support instant collaboration from anywhere.

Today's mobile salesforce needs the flexibility to collaborate with colleagues anytime, anywhere. Bigtincan’s mobile sales enablement platform offers intuitive social media-like communication tools including likes, comments, chat, and push notifications. 

Users receive personalized news and social feeds that sync automatically to ensure a more informed and prepared salesforce. By not relying on email as the go-to communication channel, organizations now have a better, faster way to share feedback, competitive intelligence, product changes, policy updates, and other company news. 

Each user also receives a personal profile that highlights their role, top skills, most used content, past wins, and other performance stats. Colleagues can reference these profiles to see which assets their most successful teammates are using, and who they should reach out to ask questions or seek advice.

A modern LMS built to transform sales teams into effective, engaged, efficient sellers.

Bigtincan Zunos for sales enablement

Traditional sales training and coaching has proven to be inefficient and is becoming obsolete. Successful salespeople need to be informed experts, prepared to address a wide range of pain points, and engage a diverse range of customers. Between massive product catalogs, changing buyer expectations, and complex custom solutions, sellers need ongoing training and coaching to remain effective in the field.

Bigtincan Zunos is a mobile-first learning management platform (LMS) that provides a modern approach to sales coaching and training. Designed to keep sellers sharp, informed, and ready to engage, Zunos also reduces the time it takes to onboard new hires and get them selling.

Catered to how individuals learn best today, Zunos makes training more enjoyable and effective with multifaceted features and personalized adaptive courses that utilize the latest learning methods such as microlearning, gamification, and interactive videos.

For sales trainers, Bigtincan Zunos provides insights into the knowledge and progress made by each of their individual team members by providing progress reports, scores, and completion rates for assignments.

With the platform's built-in video coaching module, sales coaches can have their salespeople record themselves practicing sales pitches for various scenarios, and then virtually provide them 1:1 mentorship and real-time feedback - all within the platform.

Document automation allows customer facing teams to quickly assemble personalized, complex documents — at scale.

Today’s customers expect tailored content and personalized experiences from the brands they interact with. Bigtincan Automation is an add-on to Bigtincan Hub that automates the process of creating on-demand data-driven, personalized, compliant documents at scale.

The software automates the process of creating dynamic elements such as text-fields, images, charts, graphs, and tables, pulling from a wide range of data sources to provide customized, accurate, and relevant documents.

With a simple wizard-based interface designed to capture relevant information, sellers can quickly choose elements from pre-made templates to quickly build a document, share it with clients, and collect insights that reveal how customers interact with that content.

What’s more, document automation saves sellers a lot of time by eliminating the need for manual creation, updating, and maintaining compliance — thus reducing time spent putting together personalized presentations from hours to mere moments, so sellers can spend more time doing their job — selling.

Bigtincan Catalog makes managing large product offerings easier than ever.

The Bigtincan Catalog add-on ensures customer-facing employees dealing with complex products and thousands of SKUs have instant, mobile access to all the information they need to serve customers effectively.

The platform integrates seamlessly with Bigtincan Hub enabling sales teams to move away from storing pricing, product, and competitive intel in Excel sheets and PDFs. Bigtincan Catalog instead helps users turn existing spreadsheets, paper catalogs, and web content into dynamic digital catalogs.

Users are not only able to create instant customized quotes in front of their customers, but also tag sales collateral and products to build custom stacks showcasing personalized product recommendations alongside supporting content.

Through integrated search features, users can match supporting materials to specific products, cross-reference competitor products, and add custom hyperlinks that allow sellers to add replacement parts, upgrades, and complementary items to product pages.

Seamlessly integrate Bigtincan’s sales enablement platform with your existing software investments.

Bigtincan offers an industry leading 100+ out-of-the-box integrations from the most used CRMs like Salesforce, to traditional learning management systems (LMS) and content management tools.

Additionally, Bigtincan integrates with just about every cloud repository, allowing you to sync all of your content with Bigtincan regardless of where it might live.

For marketers, Bigtincan integrates with various marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, and Bigtincan for Adobe offers a unique way to leverage investments in Adobe Acrobat, Experience Manager, and Indesign.

But the integrations don’t end there. Our Rest-based API and CSV data export allows you to connect Bigtincan to additional sales and marketing software for a connected view of all content, bringing even more value to your current software investments.

sales enablement integrations

Security and productivity are no longer mutually exclusive.

enterprise grade security

With enterprise-grade security features that meet the highest standards of compliance, Bigtincan makes it easy for enterprises to manage data, report on usage, and securely rollout the platform to virtually any number of devices.

Bigtincan’s sales enablement platform allows for the secure distribution and management of documents and other rich media content through features like version control, watermarking, and restrictions on sharing permissions and downloads.

Built-in security capabilities provide content control, data management, and 256-bit encryption that protect user privacy and maintain compliance with regulations around the world including GDPR and SOX.