Bigtincan Telecommunications Platform

Digital transformation is all around, and companies are quickly adapting to a mobile-first approach for business operations. For markets like smartphones and tablets, telecoms are facing more challenges during the sales cycle and establishing a competitive edge against their competitors. Traditional telecom is up against video streaming platforms and must adapt to a landscape where nimble, non-traditional competitors often have the advantage. 

To win in this market, companies must keep existing subscribers happy; while also getting strategic about optimizing every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. Still, many companies rely on legacy processes, preventing them from creating a consistently positive experience forward.

Bigtincan Hub’s sales enablement for telecommunications solutions help sellers tackle their biggest industry challenges. Mobile-first content delivery system makes it easy to show solutions in action — online or off — in a customizable branded environment. Continuous training helps teams deepen their knowledge, while sales coaching gives reps a chance to fine-tune their skills.

Take telecommunications sales training a step further with our mobile-first learning platform that integrates seamlessly with the Hub. Users can build custom microlearning sessions, test knowledge with assessments, and curate a content library to support long-term learning while boosting engagement with gamified elements like leaderboards, rewards, and milestones.

In a rapidly-changing selling environment, sellers must be prepared to address customer needs at different touchpoints and deliver out-of-the-box solutions that go beyond bloated bundles and restrictive contracts. Telecommunications sellers can’t depend on legacy systems to deliver the customer experiences today’s buyers expect.

Marketers face their own set of challenges when it comes to competing on customer experience. Content must highlight new solutions, custom offers, and break down complex technical concepts in a way that engages audiences.

Unlike other companies that provide sales enablement for telecommunications, Bigtincan Hub combines content management, dynamic reporting, and intelligent automation in one mobile-first platform to give telecommunications sales teams exactly what they need to drive sales and engage more meaningfully with prospects.

  • Content management for telecommunications: Streamline content strategy, share feedback, and deliver the right materials at the right time. With 150+ supported file types and Adobe integrations that connect directly with Bigtincan Hub, sellers have everything they need to level up prospect interactions.
  • Mobile access on any device: Mobile-first design lets marketers send new content directly to sellers on any device. Sellers immediately receive sales collateral, client information, and learning materials, preparing them with every detail, no matter how technical, to help buyers make a decision.
  • On-demand telecommunication sales training & learning: Our intelligent automation system automatically provisions onboarding content to new sellers, while continuous training offers veteran sellers lessons to hone their skills. Purchase Bigtincan Learning as an add-on to deliver an engaging learning experience anytime, anywhere.
  • Telecommunication sales coaching: Bigtincan helps telecommunications salespeople rise to industry challenges with built-in video coaching capabilities supporting remote learning. Mentors can help sellers fine-tune pitches that clearly showcase a unique value proposition or provide coaching around how to best address specific customer journeys.

What can sales enablement for telecommunications tools do for your organization?

With millions of subscribers, a variety of new products, and the bundled and customized solutions required to compete in this environment, telecommunications sales teams must collaborate with marketing to develop the content they share with prospects and map those assets to different parts of the sales cycle. 

Bigtincan supports 150+ file types and allows teams to create custom presentations in a branded environment. Use videos, HTML5, and even AR/VR to bring solutions to life. Content controls ensure messaging stays on brand and prevents sales from sending ad-hoc collateral that strays from the strategy.

Telecommunication companies need to embrace change if they want to compete in this challenging industry. Buyer behavior has changed dramatically, and as a result, so have their expectations.

As telecoms introduce new offers and products, they’ll need to evolve their approach to sales training to ensure reps are always prepared. Bigtincan makes onboarding more efficient by automatically delivering foundational training to new staff, and delivers just-in-time content that sellers can put to use in the field.

Add Bigtincan Learning to the mix to leverage modern learning methods — bite-sized microlearning modules and gamification features, like in-app incentives and competitive leaderboards, improve the learning process. Give learners assignments and assessments to test their knowledge and track progress.

Measure the impact of your telecommunications sales content and use those insights to inform your strategy moving forward. Bigtincan’s dynamic reporting tools make it easy to visualize interaction data and develop a clearer understanding of how marketing content performs with real prospects. 

Our intuitive reports look at which assets were sent to prospects and how those assets performed. Marketing and sales teams can use these insights to quickly see what content works, what doesn’t, and adjust their strategy on the fly. Telecommunications organizations benefit from finally having a direct way to track how content impacts revenue.

Bigtincan’s telecommunications sales solutions support sellers in the field by automating content delivery and pushing the best, most relevant content directly to reps’ preferred devices. AI-driven guided selling reveals which content is likely to excel in a given sales situation. 

Organize sales assets, learning materials, and client information into playbooks based on customer segment or account.  All content, regardless of file type, can be accessed whether users are online or not. This means sales presentations will always load and reps can squeeze in a prep session ahead of a big pitch.

Bigtincan’s platforms are built to integrate seamlessly into the platforms that sales teams are already using, so teams don’t need to interrupt their workflows to adopt more telecommunications sales tools.

Bigtincan supports out-of-the-box integration with a long list of platforms from CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot to content repositories like Google Drive, DropBox, and Microsoft OneDrive, as well as Adobe tools marketers can access straight from the Hub. What’s more, our Rest-based API allows you to integrate just about any content system via CSV data export, for a comprehensive toolkit that meets your needs.