Bigtincan marketing for energy sector

From oil and gas, to wind and solar, to hydroelectric and traditional power generation — unprecedented changes in the energy sector have opened up new business opportunities for traditional utilities and new entrants alike. 

Deregulation has created a more competitive landscape. The industry-wide transition to the energy service provider (ESP) model means companies are expected to offer solutions for reducing consumption, as opposed to merely supplying power as they’ve done in the past.

Bigtincan Hub makes sales enablement for energy easy, improving client interactions through content management, training, and mobile-first access.

Unlike other competitors, Bigtincan offers energy firms content management tools, dynamic reporting, and intelligent automation to power up the sales cycle and keep pace with change. 

Our mobile-first learning platform, Bigtincan Learning, an add-on to the Hub, allows users to create customized training programs to upskill their workforce and keep them informed.

From training to content management, energy sales tools are the key to winning this new marketplace.

Between changing regulations, digital transformation, and rising customer expectations, traditional utility providers must redefine products and services while building deeper customer relationships.

Sales enablement for energy aims to support sales and marketing teams as they navigate a changing industry. Customers increasingly expect to be informed about their energy choices and want to work with suppliers that help them make smarter decisions. 

They’ve also grown used to seamless, omnichannel experiences from retailers, financial services, and other sectors; as a result, many customers are losing patience with traditional utility operations. 

With the right tools at their fingertips, energy sales teams can power up their strategy and deliver improved experiences that set them up for the next stage of growth.

  • Create, modernize, and manage energy sales content: Bigtincan’s content management for energy sales and marketing allows teams to create custom collateral, sales presentations and training materials in 150+ file formats. Our platform easily integrates with your team’s existing systems, allowing users to embed content into workflows and capture data through interactive forms.
  • Mobile-first energy sales tools: From customized playbooks and real-time customer data to training materials, presentations, and sales collateral, Bigtincan automatically delivers energy sales teams everything they need in the field, directly to their mobile device. Intelligent automation and AI-driven recommendations offer up the best content to use in any selling situation.
  • Onboarding & ongoing training: Prepare energy sales teams to deliver modern, personalized solutions to clients and prospects, while helping existing employees stay current with relevant product and service information.
  • Content Analytics and Reporting: Energy sales and marketing teams can see how clients interact with specific pieces of content. Customizable dashboards present valuable data as easy-to-understand visualizations, allowing teams to quickly identify content gaps and opportunities to improve.

What can energy sales tools do for your organization?

Customers want utility providers that solve their pain points, present out-of-the-box solutions and engage with them outside of sending a monthly invoice. As energy companies rethink the customer journey and adopt new packages, services, and strategies, investing in continuous training is no longer optional.

Bigtincan Learning is an add-on service that integrates directly with the Hub, bringing learning into daily workflows. Companies can design and deliver continuous, on-the-go training programs in a custom-branded, gamified environment. Microlearning modules break complex materials into digestible pieces, while in-app rewards keep learners engaged as they work toward the next milestone.

Bigtincan Hub makes it easy for energy companies to break away from old school presentations and instead offer informative, engaging, and interactive presentations that speak to the modern buyer.

From videos and demos to AR presentations, podcasts, case studies, and HTML5, our platform supports 150+ file formats, all of which render immediately and can be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, the platform offers full presentation mode, screen sharing, and co-browsing, which makes it easier for utility salespeople to show, not tell, customers what solutions look like in action.

Bigtincan Hub content management capabilities eliminate version control problems by automatically syncing new content to users’ devices. All sales content is stored in one central location, allowing energy salespeople to quickly locate what they need and bookmark collateral and playbooks based on buyer persona, solution, or other criteria.  Sellers can always prepare for presentations on the go.

When energy salespeople understand what’s important to customers and can pair that knowledge with content usage analytics, they have the ability to create and deliver targeted, personalized messaging that helps accelerate the sales cycle.

Bigtincan offers dynamic reporting tools that give both energy sales and marketing teams insights into which content is being used and how buyers are engaging with it.

Marketers can learn what’s working, what’s not, and continuously refine their content strategy based on real data.

From presentations and relevant articles to microlearning sessions and client-specific playbooks, Bigtincan Hub brings accessible, searchable content to your energy sales team to ensure they’re prepared for any customer interaction. 

Mobile-first design automatically delivers the right content and real-time customer data directly to your energy sales team, online or off, on any device. 

Bigtincan’s AI-driven guided selling offers energy sales teams some additional support, helping them identify which pieces of content are likely to resonate best with a particular customer. This way, sellers can stay focused on delivering a great experience instead of searching multiple folders for the right collateral.

Bigtincan is designed to work with your existing systems so that busy energy sales and marketing teams no longer need to switch between email communications to the CRM to log info, nor do they need to search through multiple content repositories to find that one presentation or report. 

Our platform syncs with a wide range of content repositories from Google Drive to Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox, and supports 150+ file types which can be delivered to any device. Integrations with leading CRMs like Salesforce and email providers like Gmail and Outlook give salespeople a unified workspace where content, training materials, and customer records are all in one place.