Know what sales content works
(and what doesn’t).

Keep up with demands and support sales teams with the right content at the right time (on-brand, up-to-date, compliant)—without letting your best work gather dust.

Built for you and your sales colleagues

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams with smart delivery and insights about what works

Distribute sales collateral more effectively

Automate delivery of the newest and most relevant content to customer-facing teams—on their preferred devices.

Gain more insight

Get visibility into how sellers are using content and how well that content is working, then make data-driven adjustments to content strategies.

Communicate in real-time

Sync in seconds with your customer-facing colleagues with our real-time chat and collaboration tools.

Track content effectiveness

Understand and measure the impact content is having on the sales pipeline and deal flow.

Get timely feedback

Empower your content creators to get feedback and to collaborate with customer-facing teams on content.

Content Management

Manage content like a boss.

Organize all your sales collateral in one, easy-to-navigate Platform, design and deliver videos, pitch decks, and sales sheets, and enjoy full control over your content with user-based permissions.

Reporting & Analytics

Measure content with deep insights.

Easily determine the ROI of your content strategy with visual analytics—using data to better allocate your marketing dollars on what works (and retiring assets that don’t make the cut).

Reporting and Analytics in Bigtincan

Make sure sellers use approved content.

Control what content can be shared by your customer-facing teams—so they don’t go off-brand or fall out of compliance.

Enjoy seamless Integrations.

Optimize Account Based Marketing strategies (ABM) through deep Integrations with CRM, marketing automation systems and design software.

See what marketers (just like you) are saying about Bigtincan.

“Bigtincan has aided in the acquisition of over $50 million in meeting and convention revenue since we began using the platform.”
Brian Atchison, Director, Sales and Marketing
Starwood Hotels and Resorts
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