Bigtincan Extends Market Leadership in Sales Enablement, Unifying AI-Based Sales, Marketing and Learning in One Automation Platform

From Onboarding and Learning to Collaboration and Closing, Bigtincan’s New Platform Release Provides Over 50 New Enhancements to Help Automate the Sales and Marketing Lifecycle

LONDON – SiriusDecisions Summit Europe, Booth 12 – October 4, 2017 – Bigtincan (ASX: BTH), the leader in mobile, AI-powered sales enablement, today announced a major new release of Bigtincan Hub, its Sales Enablement Automation Platform, empowering sales, marketing and service teams to work smarter and faster. With new AI-driven features, and automation that supports each phase of the sales and marketing lifecycle, Bigtincan Hub delivers a better customer experience, empowering sales and marketing teams to drive improved business results.

The new release includes an expanded roster of Sales Enablement Automation capabilities that leverage Bigtincan’s market-leading AI and machine learning technologies (SalesAI). Bigtincan Hub’s feature set has been enhanced with more than 50 new features, including adaptive learning and onboarding, smart customer engagement analytics, social learning and collaboration, account-based marketing, and an open, developer-friendly environment called Bigtincan Add-ons that lets third-party developers create extensions and new functionality.

“Bigtincan’s mission is to help its customers to work more efficiently by unifying sales, marketing and service teams, and using automation to guide them to more wins,” said David Keane, CEO and co-founder of Bigtincan. “We designed this new release to support the sales and marketing lifecycle from front to back. Sales Enablement Automation technology makes it easy for sales, marketing, and service teams to make the most of every interaction they have with customers and prospects. By doing so, Bigtincan Hub drives more pipeline impact, business wins, and ROI.”

The value of sales enablement within enterprises continues to grow. According to a recent SiriusDecisions survey of 250 B2B companies, 62 percent of sales enablement functions are centralized, while 74 percent of firms reported annual increases in sales enablement funding – the highest proportion ever seen. Additionally, their number-one priority is deploying and training on new sales technology.

“Technology provides optimal value to a sales organization when it addresses the broad range of capabilities needed to make a seller both more effective and efficient,” said Heather Cole, Service Director, Sales Enablement Strategies, ‎SiriusDecisions. “These capabilities include the needs associated with role-based onboarding, continuous personalized learning, internal communications, collaboration, and content recommendations–often augmented by machine learning. Ultimately, technology can facilitate targeted learning, better customer interactions and more meaningful coaching sessions because there is clarity and transparency on both customer and rep behavior.”

Bigtincan Hub Infuses Automation Throughout the Sales Life Cycle – From Content to Close

The new Bigtincan Sales Enablement Automation Platform adds more than 50 new features and upgrades to help sales people work smarter and faster. The platform was architected specifically to empower sales and marketing teams at each step of the sales process, including:

  • Sales Content Management for All devices/OS’s including iOS 11: Bigtincan Hub’s new intuitive design leverages the latest advancements in mobile technology, including support for Apple’s new iOS11, ensuring that sales content is readily accessible from any device. Expanded Outlook and Gmail support, along with Salesforce AppExchange improvements, and overall performance improvements deliver productivity gains on any device.
  • Adaptive Onboarding, Coaching and Learning: The Bigtincan AI-powered engine makes onboarding faster and more efficient. It delivers formal adaptive learning content that adjusts to specific users’ personas, roles, skill levels, locations and more. The new “My Learning” channel provides custom content and structured learning materials. Its new video capabilities facilitate interactive sales coaching, peer and manager reviews, and sharing with customers.
  • Social Learning and Gamification: New social features – including easy-to-create discussion groups and “Deal Rooms” – enable teams to discuss sales strategies and follow the progress of specific opportunities. Teams can link content to specific discussions, and compare skills, actions, and outcomes to improve overall team performance. Bigtincan’s SalesAI machine learning system also recommends peers to follow and collaborate with.
  • Deeper Sales and Marketing Alignment: The new Platform features more complete integration with marketing automation and CRM systems. This optimizes account-based marketing (ABM) programs by automatically associating sales content with marketing campaigns, and enabling automated creation of leads and contacts based on ABM campaign rules.
  • Smart Customer Engagement: A new Smart Share system measures how customers engage with content, including forwards, replies, comments and more. With support for Virtual Reality (VR) content, sales reps can now learn and engage with customers in new ways that transform the selling process.
  • Dynamic Reporting and BI: State-of-the-art dashboards and custom reporting tools help sales and marketing users visualize, understand and communicate the status of activities occurring across their sales organization. Reporting is also enabled within Salesforce, allowing sales managers to get direct knowledge of their team’s performance.
  • Bigtincan Add-Ons: The new release provides a programmable, extensible environment that lets customers, third-party developers and content specialists create extensions and new functionality to Bigtincan Hub based on customer-specific sales needs or workflow requirements.

Bigtincan Hub leverages AI and machine learning to make reliable content recommendations, provide social learning opportunities, and clearly and quickly assess individual differences and similarities,” states Anthony Turco, CTO, Bigtincan. “Our new release helps to optimize sales team performance by increasing speed, while at the same time reducing complexity. Bigtincan Hub does all this at scale so that busy sales executives remain productive through targeted ongoing learning, communication, collaboration and sharing.”


The new Bigtincan Hub Sales Enablement Automation release will be available within the next 30 days on iOS and Web, inside CRM and email with other platforms released as they are available.

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