What is sales coaching software?

Sales coaching allows your organization’s leaders to share their valuable experience with the rest of your sales teams through features like video coaching and interactive assignments. Every Sales team member receives hands-on support and training to develop a process for meeting or exceeding sales goals.

Done right, sales coaching programs improve sellers’ ability to set goals, take action, and make informed decisions.

It’s an interactive approach to training: Learners practice what they’re taught and use information in real-life scenarios.

Sales coaching is the most effective way to build confident sellers and, ultimately, increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


Why organizations need a sales coaching system

When your salespeople win, your entire company wins. However, securing those wins means having the right leadership in place. 

Adding coaching to sales training programs is a no-brainer. When sales leaders become coaches, junior sellers benefit from personalized training and support, informed by hard-won experience on the front lines.

As products, technology, and processes change, sales coaching is the key to developing effective, high-performing teams by offering feedback, performance critiques, and the kind of guidance only a seasoned pro can provide. Unfortunately, coaching often falls by the wayside when schedules fill up and salespeople head out to meet buyers. Video coaching software presents a time-saving alternative. 

With Bigtincan Zunos, it’s easy to keep your team engaged, even when you can’t be there in-person. Managers can create assignments where they provide sellers with a scenario, due dates, and instructions. Salespeople can easily record practice pitches directly inside the platform and coaches can review learners’ submissions from their mobile device. Managers can also provide annotated feedback at any point in the video, give grades based on different metrics, and share comments that dig into the specifics that can make or break a sale.

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