Marketing teams should deliver approved, up-to-date content that enables sales teams to bring more value to prospects and ultimately, close more deals. The reality is sales teams often struggle to find the right content, and most organizations have no idea how their content impacts ROI. 

Other sales enablement products have complex data reporting tools that make gathering data  and turning it into visual insights harder than it should be. As a result, sales, service, and marketing often rely on the IT team to build dashboards on their behalf, often without input from the actual users. Unfortunately, this leads to complex reports that are more of a roadblock than an enablement tool.

Bigtincan’s beautiful dashboards and intuitive data reporting tools are a game-changer — for sales, marketing, and the rest of the enterprise. No more standard templates leaving out your most valuable KPIs; our customizable reports allow you to pull in the data you want in an easy and effective manner.

Collateral analytics help teams understand what content is working — or not, and track engagement, opportunities, and the factors that contribute to closed deals.

Finally, marketers can deliver accurate metrics straight to the C-suite, finally tying their efforts to revenue.  


Bigtincan Sales Enablement Software