Most discussions about sales coaching tools involve listing a bunch of options as though all sales coaching tools are the same thing. They’re not. Broadly speaking, modern sales coaching tools fit into one of two categories:

  1. Direct feedback: Provides performance feedback based on practice or live sales calls.
  2. Training platforms: In-house training resources offer sales reps guided learning opportunities and provide sales managers with the ability to provide coaching and feedback.

In this article, we’ll explain these categories and provide a list of leading sales coaching tools in both categories so that sales managers can find the correct tool to solve their immediate problems.

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Table of Contents

Direct Feedback Tools Explained

Training Platforms Explained

Direct feedback tools: Guidance and metrics that count

Direct feedback tools are what most people are referring to when they think of sales coaching tools. They provide direct feedback on how reps are performing on sales or practice calls. Feedback can range from the tone of their voice to how engaged their customers are during the call.

Some feedback tools will even assist in the sale by surfacing relevant product information for the rep to reference as the software listens to the conversation for relevant keywords.

Depending on the software, feedback, and sales performance, insights can come from managers or AI-powered software. All feedback tools provide meaningful metrics to gauge improvement over time.

There are considerable differences between options when comparing direct feedback tools, so it’s important to carefully consider what tools will work best for your needs.

In our experience, here’s what to ask when making a selection:

  • What type of feedback does your team need? Do you need to coach on keeping your clients engaged during a sales presentation? Or maybe your team could use voice coaching so they can present themselves in a favorable way over the phone or in person. Maybe your sales reps could use support during customer interactions, and a tool that provides prompts and real-time feedback.
  • How many employee hours are available to coach sales reps? If you’re the only coach in a growing team, sales coaching software that harnesses the abilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide feedback and coaching cues might be the ideal choice.

The list below explains several popular direct feedback tools, so you can find the exact fit for your needs.


voice vibes sales coaching conversation intelligence

Have you ever noticed how two team members can say the exact same thing, but one will close the deal way more often than the other? This difference can oftentimes be attributed to that seemingly impossible trait to coach for: a person’s “vibe.”

As we covered in detail in our article on voice analytics software, VoiceVibes is an AI-powered practice and coaching platform that assesses how sales reps are perceived when speaking.

VoiceVibes (one piece of Bigtincan's Sales Engagement offering) goes beyond analyzing words and can actually provide metrics on the quality of delivery across multiple dimensions. This means the software can provide a detailed report on every conversation, and provide insight on “vibes” like confidence, approachability, clarity, and more.

An independent study by Towson University showed that the VoiceVibes algorithm successfully predicted 11 “vibes” with at least 97% accuracy and all 20 vibes analyzed by the software with at least 90% accuracy.

These vibes cover a range of positive and negative characteristics, including:

  • Arrogant
  • Assertive
  • Authentic
  • Belligerent
  • Boring
  • Captivating
  • Clear
  • Condescending
  • Confusing
  • Confident
  • Detached
  • Ditsy
  • Energetic
  • Nervous
  • Organized
  • Personable
  • Persuasive
  • Pushy
  • Timid
  • Unapproachable

coaching AI for sales training

As a sales coaching tool, VoiceVibes’ conversation intelligence and analytic reports provide data-driven and numeric feedback that can be used to track improvement over time, ensuring your team sounds more natural, personable, and polished when they speak.

As a manager, you can track team progress and design assignments your sales reps can work on independently.

Imagine the boost in sales if your entire team had the same “vibe” as your top seller. Get your demo today!


Brainshark sales coaching tool

Brainshark (now part of Bigtincan Learning) offers direct feedback to sales reps through a virtual coach that uses Advanced AI Feedback.

Brainshark’s Advanced Feedback provides instant feedback and encourages sales reps to try until they get it right. It also automatically evaluates the reps adherence to the message. You can specify the words and phrases you want your rep to say when delivering the message, as well as words you'd rather reps avoid.

Sales managers can do all this when setting up a coaching activity. The machine analysis also assesses reps' percentage of filler words (ums, ahs, likes, and you knows), rate of speech, emotion conveyed, and more.

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Second Nature

secondnature homepage

Second Nature’s AI-powered software can have live conversations with your sales reps, simulating real world sales calls while providing call coaching and certification.


salesken homepage

Salesken software provides AI-powered support during live calls, showing data and talking points as customers ask questions. Salesken metric tracking software gives managers the insights they need to get sales reps reaching the KPIs of their top performers.


wingman by clari homepage

Wingman by Clari provides AI-powered coaching during live calls, alerting sales reps when they’ve been talking too long and rating their performance. Wingman software surfaces relevant data for your sales rep to reference as customers ask questions.

ringDNA (now homepage software is a coaching solution that lets managers provide feedback on calls, save the best calls and teachable moments to a library for training and future coaching sessions, monitor conversation etiquette, and track performance improvements over time.

Training platforms: All your knowledge and training in one application

Unlike direct feedback tools, training platforms store institutional knowledge and make it available in ways that facilitate learning. These platforms house training resources, offer sales reps guided learning opportunities, and give sales managers the ability to provide coaching and feedback.

When choosing a training platform, it’s important to consider:

  • Is it designed for mobile and offline use? Remote teams, hybrid offices, and diverse working conditions require thoughtful product design. Does the sales coaching tool optimize for mobile phones? Will it work in sales territories without reliable internet access? These factors are often taken for granted, but not every training platform offers them.
  • Is the tool implementing the latest in micro-learning research? Bite-size training improves retention and often feels less daunting to sales reps.
  • Does the tool include gamification features? Mandatory training only alienates talent. Modern training platforms can harness the successes of social media and online gaming platforms, providing gamification-style motivation like progress metrics, scoreboards, leaderboards, rewards, and more.
  • Can the tool track each sales rep’s learning progress and provide training metrics? Training platforms vary in how they handle assignments, learning paths, progress metrics, and the coaching process. As a manager, it’s crucial to find a tool that presents training data in a way that will inform strategic decision making.
  • Will the tool work well with your existing training assets and make it easy to create new ones? Your organization likely already has training resources hosted somewhere. Will these require manual transfer or does the sales coaching tool automate the migration process for you? Does the training platform support the creation of training resources, or will video and text document creation require an additional software solution?

Below is a list of some of the leading training platforms on the market. While they all perform the basic functions associated with a training platform, the differences between how those functions are implemented can be the difference between widespread adoption and a struggle to get sellers onboard.

Bigtincan Learning

bigtincan learning sales coaching and training tools

Bigtincan Learning is built to help enterprise sales leaders train their team quickly and efficiently without replacing or tampering with the company-wide LMS.

Instead of submitting each piece of learning content to HR or Learning and Development, sales leaders can quickly publish to Bigtincan, push the content to sellers, and keep them engaged wherever and whenever they have time to learn.

Mobile-optimized and offline enabled

Bigtincan Learning is optimized for mobile performance, making it perfect for modern workforces used to living life through their phones. All training materials and features are fully functional offline for sales reps in the field.

Microlearning for better retention

Bigtincan harnesses the latest in the science of learning, providing lessons in a format optimized for microlearning, a strategy that’s proven to increase knowledge retention and work performance.

Understand how microlearning improves sales performance: How Microlearning Improves Customer Experience and Closes More Deals

Engaging different types of learners with gamification

sales training gamification

All the modern functionality in the world wouldn’t help if your team didn’t like using its training platform. That’s why Bigtincan incorporates gamification elements into its training.

As we discussed in depth in our article on gamification, these types of features create a psychological feedback loop that increases user engagement.

Public leaderboards, as an example, work well for competitive members on your team.

Providing individualized training

Powered by Bigtincan’s SalesAI technology, Bigtincan Learning provides personalized, adaptive features that automatically adjust content to user roles, skill levels, locations and more.

Cutting through resource overload with AI-assisted search and answers

Just-in-time learning empowers users to look up the training they need exactly when they need it. Combined with short microlearning content (1-5 min videos and lessons), this AI-powered search feature supports sales reps in the field and quickly helps them find an answer to questions that may come up.

searchAI AI search tool for sales content

Instead of information on the latest product being locked away in a “monthly training” deck or hour long recording, with Bigtincan, it can be available in a few seconds if the rep simply searches for a product name or topic. The AI provides both a summary of the product or topic and surfaces the most relevant learning and sales materials for a single search query. This feature is transformational for sales organizations, providing at least a 10x productivity gain.

One-on-one, asynchronous feedback

Sales reps can record practice videos at the touch of a button for managers to monitor their training retention. Assignments, quizzes, and a personalized progress dashboard let sales reps know how they’re doing and motivate them to keep improving.

Fully customizable

custom branded homescreen manufacturing company content hub


bigtincan content hub cusotm branded homescreen pharma and medtech

The team at Bigtincan will work with you to ensure the training platform looks and feels just right for your team's workflow, industry, and brand.

We discuss Bigtincan’s success in customizing the app for two multinational brands here: Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges

Create new training materials with ease

Bigtincan Learning is compatible with SCORM and other common training file formats, but also comes with its own easy to use content-authoring tools.

The authoring tools are designed for ease of use so that the technical barrier is as low as possible. Our article on learning content management system software provides an in-depth look and a case study on how the content authoring tool supports team training.

Tools for managers

number of engaged users analytics enablement dashboard

Monitor seller engagement and progress on dashboards displaying key training metrics, send assignments, design quizzes, and provide one-on-one feedback and support to your team members.

Bigtincan Learning integrates effortlessly with any CRM, like Salesforce.

Have any questions about how Bigtincan Learning would work for your organization? The best and fastest way to get those questions answered is to book a Bigtincan demo today.


ambition homepage

Ambition is a metric-driven gamification and coaching platform. Ambition includes a sales dashboard, sales management software, goal-tracking, rep scorecards, leaderboard software, and much more.


saleshood homepage

SalesHood is a guided selling software that includes a coaching and learning platform. Teams have access to peer-to-peer learning opportunities, gamification, and manager feedback. Courses and micro-content can be created within the app for a fully customized sales learning playbook that will lead to effective sales.

Lessonly by Seismic

lessonly/seismic coaching page

Lessonly, now part of Seismic, facilitates learning through sales role play and certification pathways while making it easy for content and course creators to build lessons directly within Lessonly.

Lessonly is a coaching solution for all salespeople using your training program, whether they are new hires just onboarding or your best sales members maintaining their sales readiness.

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