How Microlearning Improves Customer Experience…and Closes More Deals

In today’s market, sales reps must be able to think more strategically and utilize soft skills to build rapport and cultivate deeper customer relationships.

Creating an exceptional customer experience is essential for customers to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. In fact, 83% of consumers agree that customer service (along with price and product) is the most important factor when making a purchasing decision.

Time is a critical factor when it comes to sales training. Learners experience rapid memory decline within 24 hours of learning new information. The key to increasing learner retention post-training, is to pair it with small, digestible chunks of learning – or microlearning.

In this e-book, we will evaluate ways to incorporate microlearning into sales training and how it can not only increase your training ROI but also empower your sales team to create better customer experiences.


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