Your teams are being asked to do more with less. Close more sales with fewer reps. Create more content with fewer resources. Meet more ambitious goals with less momentum.

So how’s that going for you? 

We’re willing to guess not great. Because “do more with less” has always been a tall order that’s never going to deliver the results you need to succeed. Sure, your team is good, but no one’s that good. 

Thankfully, reinforcements have arrived. We’re excited to announce two powerful new capabilities of GenieAI and the Bigtincan Intelligent Enablement Platform: SearchAI and Genie Assistant.

Intro to Sales Enablement AI: GenieAI overview

Genie AI intro slide

GenieAI is an AI layer spanning the entire Bigtincan platform designed for employee and sales enablement. It draws upon the power of large language models, generative AI, and other machine learning to enhance marketing, customer success, and sales workflows through embedded, personalized support. 

As a whole, it either speeds up or completely takes over time-consuming and tedious tasks like drafting emails, recommending and clarifying relevant content, summarizing meetings, staging role play, and translation. 

GenieAI is a sales AI designed to assist your team members, especially salespeople, in understanding complex topics, addressing the 'blank page' problem, and knowing what they don't know. It can also help them understand what to do next based on what they have or haven't done. 

It’s enablement in its most effective form, created using Bigtincan’s unique data layer and understanding of the connections between people in customer-facing scenarios to make their lives easier

SearchAI: Don’t just “find” — discover

Unlock knowledge in your documents.

Sales reps don’t always read the content you put together, but they do repeatedly ask you specific questions about messaging, policies, and how products work. 

What if they had a dedicated subject matter expert (SME) available to them on-demand (while placing fewer demands on your team)? Enter SearchAI — the SME for every salesperson that gets them right to the answer they need without having to sift through documents.

searchAI AI search tool for sales content

Right answers only.

SearchAI generates answers based on your controlled and protected data (e.g. what you put into the system). That means no grand hallucinations of the sort you’d expect from ChatGPT.

Say you have a document listing the ten side effects of a medicine you sell.  For regulatory compliance, you need to have absolute certainty that when a rep asks a question about what the side effects are, SearchAI comes back with just those ten – no weird 11th thing that’s completely false.

When you ask something that isn’t in your content (or you don’t have access to individually), SearchAI will respond that it is unable to answer questions that relate to data outside of your governed content. This ability to know when not to answer provides additional comfort to enterprise companies looking to use generative AI to improve productivity and limit risk.

search and generative AI non answer no hallucinations

Stay focused on what you and your customers need.

AI content recommendations make sure you get served only the content that suits your purposes — whether you thought to ask for it or not. And SearchAI suggestions let you follow up to get to answers to questions you might not have thought to ask.

AI content recommendations

Get to the bottom of your content (without scrolling past important info).

Now that you’ve got your answer from SearchAI, what are you going to do with it? 

Ask Genie Assistant questions about it in chat-style interactions to clarify complex topics and get straight to information you need in lengthy documents.

chatbot chat AI style GenieAI

Genie Assistant: Start closer to the finish line 

Start with a draft — not a blank page.

Once you find the information you need to answer customer questions, use Genie Assistant to refine information into an email or call script, take a few minutes to edit and personalize it, and hit “send” to keep deals moving.

generative AI email drafts

The content is coming from inside the house — and outside, if you want.

Like SearchAI, Genie Assistant understands your content so you can ask it questions and limit it to pull answers from internal sources only.

the content is coming from inside your house

On the flip side, if you’d like to draw on the whole knowledge of the internet, you can also toggle access to external sources on and off as needed. 

For example, if a rep is researching a new prospect and needs information that doesn’t yet live in your systems, or if your team is spread thin and can’t run a competitive intelligence program or provide you with sales methodology, Genie Assistant can act as your additional team member. 

AI query to external or internal sources

Get to the right prompt, promptly.

Your team members can start their own Q&A sessions with Genie Assistant any time they need it.

No prompting experience? No worries. Genie comes with prepopulated, configurable prompts that help train your team in AI prompting while guiding them to the information and resources they need to be effective.

ai prompting ai prompt training

…And do it all securely with SecureGLP

GenieAI is built on SecureGLP, a security foundation that embodies the commitments Bigtincan has continually made to high levels of security across the platform, including achieving security compliance against global standards such as SoC2, ISO27001, and CStar. 

Plus, we continually refine and expand our security measures, providing improvements to our systems and processes to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

What else can you do with Sales Enablement AI?

Genie Assistant and SearchAI are just two capabilities of GenieAI. Ask us about other ai in sales enablement like:

  • CoachingAI
  • RolePlayAI 
  • AuthoringAI
  • MeetingsAI
  • And more to come

coaching AI for sales training

Bigtincan CoachingAI

Ready to enable your team to actually do less while achieving more (and sidestep that burnout everyone’s talking about)?

Get a personal demo of our AI-enhanced platform.