About 10,000 Baby Boomers retire from the workforce every day. As tenured employees head out the door, all of those years of valuable experience and training follow suit. You need to get your new workforce up to speed, but you haven’t updated your training materials since they were first created. It’s time to freshen up. 

Don’t get hasty and kick your current content to the curb, it may just need a little sprucing up. With a few tricks and the help of Bigtincan Zunos you can recycle your training materials, making them more engaging and developing your new workforce with ease.


Keeping the length of your training materials to a minimum is important to prevent knowledge loss. Make sure the content provided in training sticks by delivering information in bite-sized pieces. That's where microlearning comes in. With Zunos, you’ll have the tools at hand to use microlearning effectively. Edit your content to fit this framework by doing the following: 

  • Make sure all information is relevant. Update statistics, graphics, company information, etc. and remove anything obsolete.
  • Use bullets and numbered lists when possible.
  • Divide up extensive information into separate training sessions.
  • Turn complex information into graphics or videos.


How you present information is important to your viewers. Your audience craves and expects simplicity and beautifully designed training information. When you create content in Zunos, you can drag and drop videos, images, and text to create your own document or utilize one of our templates to keep things simple.

If you’re in a time crunch, focus on simply branding your training materials to boost engagement. In our Content Creator you can upload logos, change fonts, and choose colors that match your brand’s style.


Make sure your content isn’t lacking in delivery. The days of PDFs are long gone. People want their information delivered in a modern learning experience. Quickly change your dinosaur documents into engaging materials with our Content Creator. Then notify your learners when that information is available by using push notifications or in-app messages. With just a few clicks you can create dynamic learning opportunities and reward those who do well. Because who doesn’t like a little recognition for the work they’ve done?


How your people access their training documents is crucial to their development and success. If access is only available on a company network, or worse, a physical training binder, you’re making it too hard on your employees. Move into the modern age and equip your workforce to learn anytime, anywhere. 

With Zunos, employees have the power to learn no matter where work takes them. Send real-time information to any device, and give your people the power to sync that information to their smartphone or tablet so they can access it even when they're offline. With a workforce that is on-the-go, you can rest easy knowing your people are constantly learning with the help of Zunos.