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General responsibilities for onboarding, product or service training and policy awareness will fall onto one person in HR or Operations who have multiple other tasks to perform.

For this person, using Bigtincan Learning gives them a simple way to be self-sufficient in creating mobile first training documentation, and knowledge checks.

Before: Usually this person is doing all the training themselves, face-to-face, and may have substitute systems like spreadsheets or paper-base documentation for training.

Primary Business Outcomes:

  • Confidence that the staff have a consistent level of training.
  • More time back in their day.
  • Less stress having to coordinate various audiences and locations.
  • Empower other management team members who can act as guides through the training process.

Primary User Outcomes:

  • Staff have a library of documentation to reference in the field.
  • Training is targeted to individual roles, and can be self-paced as part of a learning path.
  • Training can be done on any device.
  • Training experience is designed to be consumer grade.
  • Staff enjoy the competitive elements of engagement.

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Bigtincan Learning is bought by a department for running specific distance learning projects or programs.

The programs have large scale challenges deploying training to a dispersed audience in an engaging manner. Multiple languages, time zones, learner segments and blended program elements compound that challenge.

Before: The team responsible for this program is often resource constrained, with various skills sets available but often not highly technical. Value is placed on solutions that let them scale themselves efficiently while providing a highly effective learning experience for their audience.

Primary Business Outcomes:

  • Deliver a blended distance learning program.
  • Go mobile first for self-paced learning paths.
  • Virtual instructor led for synchronous training.
  • Operate at scale with a small team.
  • Allow team to be more strategic.
  • Operate without the need for specialist consultants.

Primary User Outcomes:

  • Engage with learning on any device, any time, anywhere.
  • Consume learning in small, digestible pieces.
  • Join live training sessions virtually, from any mobile device or desktop.
  • Experience a continuous learning journey from classroom through to e-learning.
  • Enjoy the learning experience.