Recently, when I mentioned our delivery of day-one support for iOS 15, I shared that Bigtincan is on a mission to help the world’s greatest brands deliver the buying experience of the future for their customers.  

Our customers, our customer’s customers, and every single consumer on this planet demand it.

I do.  

When I’m shopping for a new set of Apple AirPods at the Apple Store or buying a book on Amazon, I expect to receive an easy and value-driven experience.

If I don’t get it, I am disappointed, and I will shop elsewhere.

Why should anyone have different expectations?

All consumers expect and deserve world-class buying experiences.

Bigtincan has impressive technology

I am proud of the humans I get to work with every day because they are committed to the mission of delivering the buying experience of the future. And, even when I’m pushing for us to do more, they mostly forgive my demands as they know we are working towards something bigger than ourselves.

As a result of this commitment, we have created solutions and sometimes acquired businesses with incredible humans and technologies that help us move our mission forward.

We are incredibly proud of our offerings and excited about the depth of integrations that give our customers a complete picture of what their customers are doing and how they can help them.

We are helping some of the largest businesses in the world deliver on the promise of their brand to create real value.  They are enhancing the experience for all customers— and that is something that excites me.


Enterprise businesses have complex technology stacks

I am sure my teams are tired of hearing me say this, but I’ll share a message I deliver every day.

Our goal is not to convince our customers to buy only from Bigtincan. It is to help our customers achieve their business goals by delivering better buying experiences using the best possible technology available to solve their particular problems.

That is our mission.

I know the Bigtincan team gets it as they are constantly repeating it back to me.

Like most enterprise businesses, many of our customers use dozens, if not hundreds, of technologies from many different vendors. We wouldn’t be living up to our goals if we didn’t work to simplify and streamline those complex tech stacks any way we could. Sometimes that means offering fully integrated software suites, and other times that means building APIs and connections between different software products to encourage interoperability.

Bigtincan has rich integrations with hundreds of products across all revenue technology categories because we want to make our customers’ lives easier, regardless of whether they use our complete suite of products or a combination of other solutions.

For example, some of our customers have the Seismic Content solution and use our Brainshark Sales Readiness platform, and we integrate the two.

Some of our customers use Gong combined with Clearslide, a core part of our Bigtincan Engagement Hub solution. We integrate those two, as well.

And I could go on but won’t bore you with the countless combinations we support. 

Our goal is not to convince customers to rip out other technologies.

Our goal is to deliver capabilities that enable deeper integrations with our customers’ technologies to help them succeed.

The importance of interoperability is clear to me.

Going back to that earlier example, if we have a customer using Brainshark and the Seismic Content solution, we want them to succeed. That means ensuring that the platforms work incredibly well together.

Any serious vendor looking to create value for their customers must take this strategy.  If you force customers to buy it all from your company, you will fail, and so will your customers.

The future of the enablement marketplace requires companies to cooperate and to lead with the customer’s needs first and foremost.

While this path is more challenging than taking a Bigtincan-only approach, it is best for our customers, and we know we are on the right track by putting our customers first and ensuring their success.