Most sales asset management software promises to save sellers time, but many fail at fulfilling that promise. Here’s why:

  • All marketing materials must be tagged perfectly. They say they’ll help reduce time spent finding digital content files, but really, that time is just reallocated to a marketer who now has to tag all marketing materials perfectly if they actually want Sales to be able to find them. (Plus, sellers have to learn how to use tag-based search.)
  • Trying to find what you need requires a lot of searching. Organization is still the same as typical asset management systems — the classic folder-within-a-folder structure — which means there’s still a lot of clicking and digging to find what you need.
  • They aren't mobile-friendly. They simply don’t work well on mobile, and when they do, they’re not optimized for offline use or spotty signal areas — so they become unusable or unreliable, especially for field sales users.

Bigtincan does things differently, because it’s built from the ground up to  work anywhere and on any device — from office to airport.

It’s optimized to help you search without needing tags or other metadata (though you can use them if you want to), and it saves you time by pulling in files from your existing repositories to surface the content you need, right when you need it — all in one simple to use interface.

Below, we’ll explain how Bigtincan delivers in each of these areas — having worked with companies like T-Mobile, Zoom, and Samsung for 10+years —  and more.

Note: If you want to see how Bigtincan can help augment or replace the current asset management system in your organization, request a demo, where we’ll specifically discuss how we can custom-tailor Bigtincan to your team’s needs. Or learn more about our various solutions, such as Bigtincan for sales teams, marketing, learning, field service, and more. 

Bigtincan Reduces Time Spent Finding Files

There are a lot of features built in to Bigtincan to make it easier to find the files you need at lightning speed and streamline workflows. Here’s how it works:

Integrates with and Surfaces Files from Other Repositories

One of the best things about Bigtincan is that, while it can serve as a repository if you want it to, it integrates with Microsoft Sharepoint, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and a host of other repositories, and provides a single interface through which your sales team members can find, edit, and manage the files in any repository.

So rather than needing to migrate all your files to a new platform, Bigtincan will simply plug into the systems you’re already using and collect all of your files in one interface, with one search feature to make finding files incredibly easy.

This also means other departments (say, Marketing) that are used to using an existing repository (say, Sharepoint) can continue to do so, and Bigtincan will surface all of their files seamlessly.

Superior Search Helps Sellers Find the Most Relevant Files

A preview of the search function within Bigtincan.
Bigtincan’s search feature was designed to eliminate the need to drill down through countless levels of file folders, which is absolutely crucial for sellers who need to respond to buyers’ questions quickly.

Bigtincan's sales asset management software content search.Instead of hunting through folder after folder in multiple repositories, sellers can use any device and perform a simple search to find the files they need, when they need it during a sales cycle workflow.

We’ve designed search thoughtfully with several features to be helpful to enterprise sales teams:

  1. Offline Search: Search works offline, so sellers won’t notice an interruption in functionality if they’re in a coffee shop, hotel room, or customer lobby without internet. This is essential for modern sales teams.
  2. Searches Entire Files: We search the entire contents of a file, not just a file’s name. This is incredibly useful for sales people in the field who want to look up a specific model number, for example, that isn’t in any filename.
  3. Personalized Results: Search results are tailored according to role, title, and other metrics (so a marketing manager might get different results than a field sales rep).
  4. Searches All Repositories: As discussed above, results are pulled from every repository (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), not just Bigtincan.

AI-Powered Content Suggestions Actively Surface Relevant Files

Bigtincan's AI-Powered Content Suggestions
Bigtincan’s AI will also learn when to strategically suggest documents during the sales process, especially if:

  • A document that a seller is using was recently updated by marketing, so a newer version is available (improving version control).
  • A specific document has a proven track record of success. For example, a specific pitch deck that has been associated with multiple deals.

These content suggestions keep the newest files in sellers’ hands so they’re not selling products based on old feature lists, and it ensures sales reps have the newest, most appealing messaging in their playbooks.

Here’s how it works:

With Bigtincan, AI will automatically recognize when a user is looking for an old document type and suggest the newer version. If they’re looking for “retail PPT_3.0,” Bigtincan will suggest “retail PPT_4.0” to keep their sales decks or talk tracks up to date per the newest information available.

Marketing won’t even need to announce new documents have been released — Bigtincan will just surface them automatically behind the scenes.

This functionality also actively surfaces marketing assets that have historically performed well so sellers always have the best content at their fingertips. For example, Bigtincan AI will track engagement analytics for each document (more on that below), and plug into your CRM to show you:

  • Which documents have the highest engagement with your buyers.
  • Which documents are associated with the most closed deals.

These factors are included in the Bigtincan algorithm and help determine which files are shown first, so sellers can be more confident in the results every time.

Bonus: Free Up Marketing to Focus on High-Level Projects

With this functionality, your marketing team no longer needs to manually upload new files to all the different places they’re needed, giving them more time to work on strategic, higher-order marketing concerns and costing them less time on asset lifecycle maintenance.

They can also use Bigtincan automation to alert the sales team to quickly and easily update their decks with the updated slides (and as we mentioned above, even if an end user misses an update, Bigtincan will still return relevant, updated results, even if they’re searching for older versions.)

Simplified Folder Structure Makes Files Easier to Find

For those users that still like browsing in a hierarchical manner, Bigtincan offers a three-tiered organizational system, that includes tabs, channels, and stories.

But rather than the endless folder-within-a-folder system, with no real purpose to each deeper level, Bigtincan uses these three kinds of levels intentionally.

Tabs are the highest level in the hierarchy, and they’re a good place to organize products, so there might be a tab for each product your salesforce can sell. Under Tabs are Channels.

Channels might look like “Product Features,” which would fall under the appropriate “Product” Tab accordingly. Under Channels are Stories.

Stories contain files, forms, events, and more.

Users can create stories to be published in any Channel.

Basically, it’s an easy way for users to group essential files together so they’re easy to access when other users (or themselves) need them.

Rather than using the Search function to find one file, a story is a great way to keep together related files for future use. (These can also be customer-facing and used to track customer interactions with files during the sales process.)

This hierarchy system reduces the time spent finding files because it’s consistent across an entire organization, so everyone knows how and where to find files.

Rather than someone creating five, six, or more levels of folders that could each contain a file, a file is always stored in a story, inside of a relevant tab and channel.

Plus, it’s easy to import your existing files into this new system.

Get Intelligence into Which Assets Are Working (And Which Aren’t)

Bigtincan's Intelligent Assets and Sales Analytics Reporting
The sales analytics reporting in Bigtincan allows sales reps to see how prospects are interacting with content. 

This allows sellers to accurately pinpoint which files prospects are interacting with, where in the file the interactions are happening, and which people (and roles) are doing the interacting.

Now, instead of going into meetings blind, sellers are equipped with specific, strategic insights about which decision makers to target with what information.

For sales asset management, Bigtincan reveals which files top sellers are using. If certain files are being used to close more deals more often, management can push that info to the entire salesforce to help them win more deals.

Bigtincan also provides more ways for Sales to glean information about their prospects via Clearslide, now part of the Bigtincan Engagement Hub. Rather than just viewing static data from past document viewing, sales reps can use ClearSlide to see customer interaction with presentations in real-time. (More on ClearSlide below.)

Marketing also benefits from dynamic reporting. Specifically, marketing-friendly analytics can reveal which assets are being used and which aren’t.

If a long list of documents is slated to be updated with new product information, but no one in sales is actually using certain documents on that list, Marketing can save time by not bothering with the defunct marketing collateral and focusing their content creation efforts elsewhere.

Conversely, if Marketing isn’t sure which documents to update and needs to compile that list in the first place, they can view the documents most used, then ensure those documents are always kept up to date.

Following are the results of a recent survey asking clients to compare Bigtincan to other software they’ve used:

Bigtincan's content analytics and scoring received a satisfaction rating of  90%.

Maintain Access to Files Anywhere, Regardless of Internet Access

Bigtincan is built from the ground up to be a mobile platform, as opposed to being built as a desktop platform and later shoehorned into mobile use. Because of this, it has some distinct features that help sellers access files anywhere, anytime, including:

  • Everything works offline in Bigtincan, including AI-powered search, file sharing, content suggestions, and more.
  • Any work done in a file while offline is automatically synced when a connection is reestablished.
  • Files and folders can be designated for use offline on mobile or tablet apps, meaning they’ll be saved to those devices for use whenever necessary.

However, if a user hasn’t anticipated a future offline need, it may be saved offline by Bigtincan anyway because our AI engine was designed to automatically download the most important files for each seller based on which files have been updated, viewed, used, etc.

This helps manage limited mobile storage capacity by prioritizing which files are downloaded for future use. The AI bases these decisions on a multi-factor algorithm that can also use automation to move outdated or unused files back to the cloud.

This kind of offline functionality is paramount for sales organizations with large field sales teams, as travel increases the need for offline functionality for sales reps.

Without it, they may be out in the cold when it comes to finding the documents they need for on-site meetings in remote locations, or for pre-meeting prep while traveling through low-coverage areas.

Bonus Analytics for Live Presentations: Bigtincan Engagement Hub (formerly ClearSlide)

If you’re looking for additional functionality from a sales enablement platform, ClearSlide by Bigtincan offers real-time customer engagement analytics during presentations, video call hosting, intelligent mass email outreach, and email analytics.

For live presentations, ClearSlide can track whether customers are engaged in the presentation, giving sales a quick alert that the customer has opened another window or stopped interacting with the presentation window.

Customer Engagement Chart
The post-call engagement graph also shows average engagement levels across the entire call, including by moment for each audience member.

Post-Call Engagement Graph
This allows sales to follow up with a brief call summary or recording to ensure the right decision makers are engaging with the sales process.

ClearSlide also offers email engagement analytics, and easy to use video call hosting. Learn more about ClearSlide in our post on sales engagement tools.

Bigtincan Does Digital Asset Management Software Differently

Bigtincan does sales asset management tools differently, because we go beyond file storage and tag-based search to proactively bring marketing content to sellers in any environment by:

  • Surfacing the right content intelligently and quickly (both in search and in the organizational interface).
  • Helping ensure sales content stays up to date.
  • Serving up intelligent analytics with dynamic, customizable reporting.
  • Helping sellers access the files they need from anywhere, even if they’re offline.

If you’re ready to see how Bigtincan can help your organization with content management, request a demo, where we’ll specifically discuss how we can customize Bigtincan to your team’s needs.

Or learn more about our various user-friendly solutions, such as Bigtincan for sales teams, marketing teams, learning, field service, sales enablement, and more sales enablement use cases.