Every minute of downtime matters. With Bigtincan field services sales tools, companies work more efficiently and effectively  — from the back office to the field and everywhere in between.

Not only does Bigtincan help service organizations eliminate inefficiencies in their processes, but tedious paperwork, CRM data entry, and other manual tasks can be easily automated, resulting in increased productivity and peace of mind for field service techs on-the-move.


Sales enablement platform for field services

Bigtincan offers unmatched field services sales solutions that help technicians deliver proactive solutions with quick resolution times. Bigtincan’s sales enablement for field services will modernize your field services through engaging digital experiences, 1:1 personalization, and intelligent automation customized to your brand, processes, and existing tech stack. 

  • Provide instant access to content and information on any device Field services techs are always on the move and require access to relevant content no matter where they are. Be it in the elevator shaft, on the farm, in the basement, boiler room, or hospital, Bigtincan offers access from any device, online or off.
  • Offer real-time collaboration with subject matter experts Bigtincan offers field service professionals a lifeline, with built-in collaboration tools that make it easy to connect with other experts on the job. Users can chat with colleagues and work together to address specific issues, allowing for faster resolution times and a better customer experience.
  • Promote full visibility into which content is most frequently used Bigtincan Hub’s dynamic reporting tools help content teams identify which materials are most useful to field technicians. From product schematics to video tutorials to digitized manuals, Bigtincan delivers the right resources to field service pros so they can quickly address customer problems and increase satisfaction.
  • Take training beyond the user manual Field service techs must know the ins and outs of every product and part they service and install. With Bigtincan Zunos, training managers can use modern tools like microlearning courses and a multimedia reference library to ensure techs are prepared for any service call.
  • Create data-capture forms to streamline admin tasks Field service techs are often required to bring paperwork with them to document the services provided and obtain written consent from customers. Paperwork can get lost, forgotten, or damaged during a visit. Back at the office, papers fall through the cracks in a whole range of ways. To address the paperwork problem, our digital forms make it easy to capture the information needed, and ensure it gets back to the right place by automatically syncing to the Hub or integrated CRM.

Sales enablement tools that empower your field services department

In order to ensure that field service teams deliver top-tier service during every engagement, they need a training program designed just for them. 

Bigtincan Zunos’AI-powered learning platform isn’t just for fine-tuning sales pitches; service technicians also benefit from next-gen learning tools that offer more than your average user manual or job shadow experience.

Zunos allows field service pros to learn by doing, while videos and bite-sized courses present ideas in different formats, reinforcing key concepts and catering to different learning styles.

For field services, sales training methods like microlearning and gamification features can easily be adapted to fit technician onboarding and continuous learning programs for veteran service pros.

Bigtincan Hub’s automated and intuitive content provisioning means field service pros never show up for a service call unprepared. With interactive forms, schedules, and other key details only a tap or swipe away, sales enablement for field services gives technicians everything they need to deliver a better experience to their customers. 

Bigtincan’s sales enablement automation tools bring reference materials, customer records, and step-by-steps directly to field techs’ fingertips, with smart browsing and search capabilities as well as AI-driven recommendations that make it easy to locate a specific file without any outside assistance. 

What’s more, service techs can access AR/VR presentations that help them learn the ins and outs of products through immersive visual experiences.

The platform supports 150+ file types, offering fast load times and offline access, meaning you’ll never be delayed because of a poor connection.

Dynamic reporting tools provide full visibility into which resources field services teams use to solve specific problems, and make it easy to share that information across the entire organization. 

Which means that businesses now have a means of linking tutorials and reference guides to customer satisfaction metrics, and customer success teams and content creators can develop content that replicates those successes, helping service techs deliver the best possible solutions in the least amount of time.

Field service technicians are rarely in the office. Instead, they’re either with a customer or traveling to the next service call. As such, mobile access to reference manuals, videos, product catalogs, and other essential resources isn’t just a “nice-to-have” perk, it’s mandatory.

With Bigtincan, field service pros have instant access to the content they need on any device, online or off. This means they can reliably access reference materials, even in areas with poor cell service.

Our platform offers tools for embedding content into specific workflows, allowing organizations to create service playbooks based on specific problems, equipment, or products.

Mobile collaboration tools offer an additional layer of support, giving field service technicians the ability to collaborate with subject matter experts in real-time, reducing delays during service calls.

Through a fully-integrated system, Bigtincan Hub’s mobile solutions give field service pros everything they need to boost productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

With over 100 integrations for a variety of end-user functions including MDM, marketing automation, customer service, internal databases, cloud repositories, and much more, field services teams gain easy access to manuals and reference materials from a wide range of platforms. Integrations with CRM platforms reduce data entry and manual tasks, allowing field service techs to focus on what they do best.

Bigtincan’s industry-leading approach to software integration seamlessly connects service technicians to all the data they need through a central Hub, resulting in greater efficiency, increased first-time rate of repair, and improved customer experiences.