Today’s always-on digital sales environment has empowered customers with choice, speed, and world-class service experiences. Buyers now expect all brand interactions to match the experiences they have every day with digital media. This has raised the bar for businesses looking to stay competitive.

For marketers, this means designing consistent brand experiences across all channels — from social media and blog posts to the sales collateral, playbooks, and pitch decks sellers use during customer engagements.

That’s where Bigtincan comes in.

Our sales enablement for marketing solutions help marketers keep up with a growing list of demands and effectively support sales teams with the right content at the right time, without digging through multiple files, folders, and content management programs at the expense of their own productivity.

By automating tasks such as content distribution and metric gathering, marketing and sales can stay focused on what’s most important — attracting and nurturing the leads most likely to become customers.

Bigtincan for marketing homescreen

Bigtincan helps your business bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams with marketing sales tools that help companies secure more wins.

  • Powerful content management for marketing: Bigtincan allows marketers to design and dynamically deliver content like videos, pitch decks, training materials, and sales sheets to any of your sellers’ devices. As an admin, enjoy full control over your content with user-based editing and access permissions, automatic version control, and the ability to watermark documents. This ensures your sellers are always using the latest content and it is on message, properly branded, and in compliance.
  • Marketing sales tools make collaboration a breeze: Our chat and collaboration tools enable real-time communications between your sales and marketing teams, supporting tighter alignment and close collaboration. Teams can communicate at lightning speeds, exchanging feedback and insights in real-time. This means marketers receive up-to-date information from sellers, tweaking and refining on-demand to better resonate with customers.
  • Reporting tools help marketers finally measure their impact: Discover which content salespeople are sharing with customers, and its impact on the sales cycle. Visual analytics make it easy to determine the ROI of your content strategy, using data to better allocate your marketing dollars on what works — and retire assets that don’t make the cut.
  • Create templates: Design and deliver templates with editable sections that allow sellers to personalize content within designated marketing constraints, preventing sellers from going off-brand or falling out of compliance.

Distribute Sales Collateral more effectively

Easier, more effective distribution of sales content including automated delivery of the newest and most relevant content to sales reps on their preferred devices.

Gain more insight

Metrics that provide visibility into, and an analysis of how sales teams are using content, how well that content is working and enabling data-driven adjustments to content strategies.

Optimize strategies

Deep integration with CRM/Marketing automation systems to optimize Account Based Marketing strategies (ABM).

Right content at the right time

Intelligent recommendations for the best content to use in any sales situation to maximize effectiveness of marketing materials.

Real-time communications

Chat and collaboration tools enabling real-time sales and marketing team communications.

Track content effectiveness

Measurement tools to track the impact content is having on the sales pipeline and deal flow.

Get timely feedback

Faster, easier ways for content creators to get feedback and collaborate with the sales teams on content.

What can marketing sales tools and sales enablement software do for your organization?

Create sales collateral such as playbooks, slide decks, and more across 150+ file formats including video, HTML5, PowerPoint, PDFs, animations, and even AR/VR. Bigtincan users also gain access to marketing sales solutions that help them safeguard their brand, offering control over who can access, edit, download, or share materials.

Version control features ensure sales collateral and product information is on-brand, up-to-date, and complies with any industry-specific regulations. Integrations with Adobe tools like InDesign and Adobe Experience Manager allow marketers to create consumer-grade content, save templates, and deliver the latest content directly to users’ mobile devices.

Built-in AI recommendations and automatic push publication means marketers are no longer responsible for emailing files to frustrated salespeople on-demand. When salespeople have on-brand content at their fingertips for any selling situation, marketing can spend their time creating new content and driving engagement through online channels — adding more leads to the pipeline and gathering new insights along the way.

Bigtincan for Adobe allows marketers the ability to leverage their existing Adobe investments to further support sales enablement activities.

Integration with the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) makes it easy for marketers to create personalized experiences for every persona at each stage in the customer journey, while the Adobe content management platform supports sales and marketing alignment by allowing customer-facing employees easy access to the content they need to close the deal.

With Adobe for Bigtincan Hub, marketers can ensure that on-the-go salespeople always have the content they need, online or off, and on any device, while selective editing controls mean content stays on brand and compliant.

Creators can work directly from Adobe InDesign or another preferred platform, save templates, and make edits and updates as needed, knowing all changes will automatically sync with Bigtincan Hub.

Bigtincan Hub’s dynamic reporting tools help marketing and sales track how content impacts each stage in the sales cycle. Our customizable, intuitive dashboards offer beautiful visualizations of content performance metrics such as opens, shares, and which pieces of content your sales team uses most often by each stage in the sales funnel. Is there a specific case study or white paper your top salesperson swears by? Are other items neglected by sellers or fail to drive customer engagement?

For marketers, content analytics presents a major opportunity, allowing teams to determine ROI and spend their marketing dollars on proven strategies, not guessing games and composite personas.

For marketers, mobile content management tools allow teams to consolidate content into one organized, central location and automatically sync edits and updates across all repositories and devices  — ensuring sellers have the most relevant materials at their fingertips.

Bigtincan’s mobile-first sales enablement platform means marketers can map content to different stages of the sales cycle, so salespeople can engage every persona at every stage. The platform also aims to make every piece of sales content accessible to salespeople, from any device or location. This means, when content goes unused, it’s not because of siloed systems or broken search. Instead, it could be a message mismatch or a relevancy problem that’s to blame.

Bigtincan brings all marketing sales tools into one place and automates the content delivery process, saving time and effort while giving you control over how content is used. Easily control whether content is shareable, downloadable, or watermarked, and who has access to it. This helps keep your marketing resources compliant and ensures salespeople deliver consistent messaging across engagements.

Bigtincan was designed to integrate seamlessly with the marketing sales tools you already use. Our sales enablement integrations makes it easy to hit the ground running and develop a unified sales and marketing strategy, while also allowing both teams to stick with their existing workflows.

Marketing automation integrations give marketers a holistic view of their efforts, connecting sales enablement to social media engagement and email marketing campaigns. Additionally, integrations with Adobe tools and Marketo’s marketing automation platform give marketing teams a holistic view of the entire strategy from social campaigns and sales collateral to blog content and lead gen efforts.

Additionally, teams can connect to a range of content repositories like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box, and sync uploads to the Hub.