Bigtincan Announces Engagement Hub Spring Release

Personalized Microsites and Deeper Insights Deliver Exceptional Buyer Experiences

Waltham, MA – May 26, 2021, Bigtincan® (ASX:BTH), the global leader in sales enablement automation, today announced its Engagement Hub Spring 2021 release. This release provides buyers with personalized experiences relevant to their specific problems.

Bigtincan’s new personalization features allow sellers to quickly create and deliver meaningful digital content experiences that buyers can consume in a non-linear way. The solution puts the customer in the driver’s seat, giving them the power to decide what content they consume and when from an easy-to-navigate, personalized content microsite. Sellers can get a complete picture of buyer engagement and interests thanks to the deep engagement insights provided within the new solution – including details on both shared and individual priorities of players in an opportunity. Sellers are empowered to dynamically update content and links as a deal progresses, so the buyer always has the freshest and most relevant information. 

“Buyers do not want to consume content that doesn’t address their specific needs,” said David Keane, Co-founder and CEO of Bigtincan. “Our integration of ClearSlide into the Bigtincan solution set as Engagement Hub and launch of the spring release allows us to take the buyer experience to the next level of personalization while retaining content governance and revealing new insights into buyer behavior and content effectiveness.”

Marketers want to provide sellers with the flexibility to personalize assets on their own while protecting messaging and branding. They also want to know which content is being used most often and driving the most buyer engagement. The Bigtincan solution allows sellers to create personalized presentations out of multiple assets, update text and images, and reorder and hide slides all within the tool. This approach avoids the loss of version control and maintains visibility into the most used content.

Sellers save time by customizing content right within the system, captivate buyers with personalized digital content sharing experiences, and now get a complete picture of buyer engagement and interests.

Engagement insights are often difficult to understand – and make decisions with – at-a-glance particularly when a link to multiple assets is shared at once with multiple people. Bigtincan content insights provide a complete picture of buyer engagement and interests in an easy dashboard that allows data to guide the most effective sales content strategy. Data can be analyzed by activity, time period, tag, owner, user, group, opportunity state, industry and more. The analytics provided guide marketers to invest in developing content that is actually being used and delivering the most ROI.

The spring release of Bigtincan Engagement Hub is available now.

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