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4 Steps to Write Better Training Content

Words are hard. Especially if you want them to be creative, informative and well-written. Rather than spending hours trying to formulate the perfect sentence for your training content, follow these 4 easy steps to get words flowing from your brain to the page:

  1. Be Conversational – Talk to your reader like you’re face-to-face. Your content should feel more like a conversation and less like a bunch of terms and training procedures mashed together. So skip the superfluous terminology and talk with your reader, not over their heads. If avoiding technical jargon isn’t possible, make sure to bring in a novice to read over your content as a test. If they get hung up on something, so will other readers.
  2. Make Them Mini – No one has the time to trudge through long, drawn out text, nor do they want to. Keep readers engaged by shaving down your content into bite-sized pieces. With Bigtincan Zunos’s content creator you have all the tools needed to break down existing content into little morsels your readers can easily digest. Simply choose from one of our templates designed to break up content with dividers, carousels of images and collapsable text, or build your own from scratch.
  3. Be Creative – Grab your reader’s attention with some creativity. Give your words personality. Start paragraphs with a short and snappy sentence, use alliteration, or state an attention grabbing fact. If jazzing up your words isn’t your forte, turn them into images with typography. By highlighting important information and statistics, your words are sure to stick. With Zunos you can easily enhance text by picking your font, adjusting the size, and changing your text and background color. Mix it up within your content or brand your words with company colors and fonts.
  4. Make Them Accessible – One of the biggest downfalls to traditional training documents is how readers view them. More often than not, your words are not being taken seriously. They’re thrown together in a smattering of PDFs stored on a shared desktop folder, or worse printed off in a physical binder. This doesn’t allow employees easy access to important information when they need it most. Bring your words into the modern age and store them digitally on one, mobile first, easy-to-use platform. No matter where your people go, they will always be equipped with the training they need to turn knowledge into power.

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