The Blueprint for Better Sales Onboarding

The stakes for sales onboarding have never been higher.

Companies are in a rush to get new reps in the door and out into the field while trying to hold onto the reps they already have.

But speedy onboarding shouldn’t be the goal if you want to create and retain high-performing sales reps in a competitive job market.

The focus should instead be on more thoughtful and thorough onboarding, with a plan in place to continue sales training—also known as everboarding— after reps graduate from the onboarding period.

So how do you implement an onboarding program that actually works? The Blueprint for Better Sales Onboarding provides six steps to improve your onboarding program, including:

  • Establishing a realistic (and effective) timeline
  • Using technology to power your onboarding and everboarding strategy
  • Developing a plan that ensures reps not only complete their onboarding but master key competencies
  • Printable checklist for sales managers onboarding new reps

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