Life Sciences: Discover The Right Revenue Formula With Sales Enablement

Life sciences companies today face an array of complex business and compliance challenges. Narrowing margins have created fierce competition for every new revenue opportunity. Mergers and acquisitions have resulted in smaller territories and fewer accounts for many sales people. Physicians and other decision makers are harder to reach and customer channels have become more fragmented, complicating sales and service efforts. In addition to these challenges, evolving regulatory requirements are placing burdensome new demands on compliance teams.

Beyond these operational challenges, Life Sciences firms are dealing with a difficult business climate. Competition from generic providers and new market entrants, combined with the broad-based push to lower healthcare costs, has created significant downward pressure on prices.

This eBook details some of the pressing industry issues outlined above. It also describes a sales enablement solution that a growing number of Life Science companies are using to overcome challenges across their commercial operations. That solution is Bigtincan Hub™, a sales enablement platform with advanced features that significantly improve the productivity and effectiveness of Life Sciences companies’ sales, customer service, and marketing personnel.