If you ask anyone, post-pandemic, what the best online meeting software is, many will quickly reply, “Zoom!”  The choice is often Zoom vs Microsoft Teams for internal meetings.

But is Zoom the best video conferencing software for sales

A large part of Zoom’s growth was fueled by its free tier, bringing in millions of private users who wanted to connect with family and friends during lockdowns. The “Zoom boom” even went as far as to get people to host their weddings on the platform.

But Zoom is not the only online meeting software around. Microsoft Teams offers stiff competition, and Bigtincan Engagement Hub’s solution makes it a powerful contender for anyone in a customer-facing role.

In this article, we’re going to look at Zoom vs Microsoft Teams vs Bigtincan Engagement Hub in terms of their use as sales tools. 

Zoom overview

Zoom LogoThe year 2020 saw a “boom in Zoom” and, before we knew it, the vast majority of sales and web conferencing meetings were being held on the San Jose-based tech company’s platform. 

An analysis of Zoom’s success reveals one salient point: Zoom focused on doing one thing and doing it well. That thing was video conferencing for the masses.

Main features of Zoom, and how they relate to sales

Zoom’s primary function is video conferencing. Zoom’s ease-of-use coupled with the pandemic-driven necessity for simple video conferencing drove mass adoption, and it has met that need well.

Users do not need a Zoom account to be able to join in a call, and they can even telephone a number to join via their phones if they are not connected to the internet. 

Zoom has a free tier that allows anyone to use the platform without imposing a financial burden. 

What Zoom does well for customer-facing teams

If you’re looking only for video conferencing, Zoom is an excellent tool. 

With Zoom, salespeople can save time by not needing to meet with prospects directly, and they can jump easily from one meeting to the next within minutes. Zoom integrates well with your calendar so that users can schedule calls without having to worry about conflicting appointments. 

As a web conferencing tool, Zoom has truly excelled. 

We like it so much — we integrated

Our Voice Analytics Solution, VoiceVibes, analyzes how you are perceived when you speak, going beyond the words you use to explore, and report back on, the overall quality of your delivery across multiple dimensions, including confidence, clarity, and more.

Our integration with Zoom allows VoiceVibes customers to easily analyze their Zoom meeting recordings to learn and improve from those conversations.

Microsoft Teams Overview—using Microsoft Teams for sales

Microsoft Teams LogoMicrosoft Teams is more than just video conferencing. It’s an entire collaboration suite designed to empower teams

It offers chat functionality, calendar integration, voice conferencing, and file sharing. 

Microsoft Teams was initially designed primarily for internal company use, as a competitor to Slack. Video conferencing with leads is possible, and external users don’t need to download any software. They can conduct the call on the web.

Main features of Microsoft Teams, and how they relate to Sales

Microsoft Teams is all about internal team collaboration. It uses a slightly social-media-style design, where team members can chat and @ each other, receiving notifications for these chat messages. (These notifications can be switched off.)

It allows access to OneDrive files and local storage files for sharing. Accessing these files is done within the tool itself. 

What Microsoft Teams does well for customer-facing teams

As a sales tool, the software’s merits lie in the fact that it can be used for the internal coordination of sales teams

Teams can collaborate on deals, share best practices, and perform impromptu coaching sessions. 

Inviting external users to video conferences requires having their email address or copying the meeting link to a newly created meeting. 

The software does integrate with the file system and OneDrive out-the-box, and one can add Dropbox integration.  

As a team collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams is excellent, as proven by the fierce competition it has offered Slack. 

Bigtincan Engagement Hub overview—how does Bigtincan Engagement Hub improve sales?

Bigtincan Engagement Hub was built completely with salespeople in mind. It addresses many of the common pain points that prevent salespeople from being as effective as they could be with other solutions.

Bigtincan Engagement Hub’s video conferencing tool has all the essential sales features integrated into it. Additionally, Bigtincan’s wider suite of products—all aimed at enabling and empowering the salesperson, not only now but for their entire careers—ties in with the Engagement Hub, offering precision training and coaching to salespeople. 

Main features of Bigtincan Engagement Hub

Bigtincan Engagement Hub offers a host of features that turn video conferencing into fully-fledged sales enlightenment briefings. The hub was designed to offer seamless integration into every aspect of the sales process, from initial contact to deal closure, and after-sales coaching. 

The myriad features would take a small book to cover, but here are some of the key aspects:

Conversational AI and voice analysis

One of the most exciting features of Bigtincan Engagement Hub is the sophisticated conversational AI and advanced voice analysis it runs on each sales conversation. 

After each call, artificial intelligence breaks down the call to determine strengths and weaknesses in the seller. This information can then be used by sales training personnel to offer personalized coaching. 

Model conversations can be stored in the integrated “Pitch Library” section of Bigtincan Engagement Hub, for other sellers to listen to and learn from.

Browser-based video conferencing

Of the three platforms, Bigtincan Engagement Hub offers the easiest method of joining a conversation. The platform is entirely browser-based, and attendees simply need a link to immediately join a conversation. No additional software is needed.

Integrated and easy-to-use sales content library

Unlike Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Bigtincan Engagement Hub offers a fully integrated, seamless content library at both the organizational and individual levels. 

Managers can add files and tag them for salespeople to find. And individuals can create presentations from the files, tweaking them as needed for their own needs. 

Sharing a presentation or a file is done entirely inside the hub. 

Real-time user-engagement tracking

Every user action is tracked. If a salesperson sends a file to someone on a call, that file is completely integrated into the browser. The salesperson can then see if the person opens the file and if they click on any links inside the file. 

It is also possible to see if a user has become disengaged during the meeting, for example, if they browse to another tab. The salesperson can then take immediate action to get that person’s attention back to the call. 

After-meeting statistics (engagement, clicks, document-opens)

Once the meeting is completed, Bigtincan Engagement Hub displays a dashboard of metrics related to the meeting just completed. The salesperson will be able to see when users grew disinterested, what files were opened by whom, and if any links were clicked. 

This gives the salesperson a much deeper understanding of who might be most interested in what is being sold, and who still needs work. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Bigtincan Engagement Hub also integrates email campaigns, email tracking, Salesforce, markup tools for presenting, and numerous other features that are all aimed at making web conferencing truly sales-focused.

Pros of Bigtincan Engagement Hub as a sales tool

Bigtincan Engagement Hub is a cohesive collection of seamlessly integrated features designed to smooth the sales workflow. No aspect has been left out. 

Bigtincan Engagement Hub actually makes sales better than when they are done offline. In a real-world conversation, when you lose your prospect’s interest, they might still nod their head and appear to be with you. But, during a video call, they’ll probably navigate to another tab or start doing something else. In Bigtincan Engagement Hub, you are alerted to this so you can change your pitch and try and lure the interest back to the conversation again. 

Real-life sales meetings don’t have instant analytics delivered straight after the meeting to provide insight into which prospects are most likely to buy. 

Email campaigns and tracking are fully integrated into the system, and it all connects with Salesforce to provide even deeper insight into the sales cycle and the prospect. or sales is…

Bigtincan Engagement Hub is the best overall online meeting software for sales

Zoom and Microsoft Teams are both excellent video conferencing solutions.  They are robust, secure, and reliable.  


If you are not in a customer-facing role, they are perfect for your needs.

However, from a customer-facing perspective, Bigtincan Engagement Hub offers the only video conference solution with features that aid sellers in providing more engaging, and measurable, conversations.

For companies interested in boosting their sales performance, regardless of whether they’re looking for a new web conferencing tool or not, Bigtincan Engagement Hub is the clear answer. 

Ready to give the Bigtincan Engagement Hub a try? Book a demo today to see how robust sales engagement can streamline sales cycles by actively engaging your prospects during sales calls.