Next-Generation SalesAI and Guided Selling Capabilities Key Drivers behind Best Mobile App Award

BOSTON, Mass. – December 6, 2016 – Bigtincan, the leading mobile, AI-powered sales enablement platform provider, today announced that it has been recognized with an Innovator Award for Outstanding Technology Innovation from Aragon Research. The technology-focused research and advisory firm awarded Bigtincan’s platform, Bigtincan Hub™, the Technology Innovation Award for Best Mobile App.

“The notion of artificial intelligence and a smart, guided selling experience represents a new phase in sales enablement software that we feel will dramatically impact enterprise selling and associated success ratios,” said Jim Lundy, founder and CEO, Aragon Research. “Bigtincan has made major strides in these critical areas. For their innovative technology, we have recognized Bigtincan with the Innovation award for Best Mobile App for their innovative sales engagement platform application that is one of the easiest and most intuitive on the market.”

Bigtincan Hub is the company’s mobile, AI-powered sales enablement platform designed to increase win rates for sales professionals by helping them better prepare for meetings, engage with clients and prospects more productively and ultimately shorten the sales cycle. Key to this is ensuring that users of the Hub have the right content for every sales situation throughout the funnel, on or offline, from any device. As an Apple mobility partner, Bigtincan works closely with Apple to optimize Bigtincan Hub to be a best-in-class iOS app, supporting the latest features of iOS 10 like Today Widgets and CallKit, as well as TouchID, Apple Watch, Split View on iPad, Apple Pencil, AirPlay, iCloud, iWork and more.

SalesAI is a set of features and capabilities within Bigtincan Hub that are designed to assist sales reps, sales enablement teams, and sales and marketing executives to increase their success in a simple and easy-to-use environment. Bigtincan’s SalesAI leverages machine learning-based algorithms, combining pattern matching, deep usage analytics and predictive modeling to improve sales productivity in four key areas: content recommendations, learning from successful peers, meeting preparation and dynamic document creation. Bigtincan Hub tracks and measures each action of every user, analyzes client engagement and other success factors, and provides real-time recommendations to optimize success. As users continue to engage with the Hub, view and share content, create new materials, conduct meetings and close deals, SalesAI continually improves, making more precise recommendations for a better, more productive selling process and customer experience. Unlike static portals or traditional content management systems, Bigtincan Hub dynamically pushes the best, most successful content and sales tools without the need for manual tagging or marking-up documents and content by marketing staff and various distributed content creators.

“We believe that the proprietary technology in Bigtincan Hub can assist in the art form of selling by automating manual tasks and making recommendations based on the most successful sales content, meetings and reps,” said David Keane, CEO and co-founder of Bigtincan. “Our AI-powered platform provides users with step-by-step guided selling and intelligent coaching for improved success, transforming busy sales people into trusted, productive ones. To be recognized by Aragon Research for our technology innovation in a very crowded market further validates our approach and our platform.”

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Bigtincan helps sales and service teams increase win rates and customer satisfaction. The company’s mobile, AI-powered sales enablement platform Bigtincan Hub is optimized for iOS and features the industry’s premier user experience that empowers reps to more effectively engage with customers and prospects and encourages team-wide adoption. Leading brands including AT&T, ThermoFisher, Merck, ANZ Bank and others rely on Bigtincan to enhance sales productivity at every customer interaction. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Bigtincan also has offices across EMEA and AsiaPac. To discover how your organization can benefit from the Bigtincan Hub platform please visit or follow @bigtincan on Twitter.