Olympic Bid Team Launches Bigtincan hub

Bigtincan, the content and productivity solution for mobile devices, announced their product Bigtincan hub, was selected by the Istanbul 2020 bid committee. The committee, representing the bid by Turkey’s largest city, is competing with Tokyo and Madrid for the opportunity to host the 2020 Olympic Games. Through Bigtincan hub, members of Istanbul 2020 are able to share and edit time-sensitive content internally, as well as orchestrate distribution to selected groups starting during the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission, all the way through to the decision day in September 2013.
“We are very excited about the capabilities this mobile platform offers,” said Alp Berker, Istanbul 2020’s Sport Director. “Internally, our committee uses Bigtincan hub to provide secure and convenient access to all content generated to support our bid, such as details of the bid books, reference maps and drawings of all the venues, as well as for more timely communication.” In a secure setting, Bigtincan hub enables the committee to interact and collaborate, keeping up with the incredible pace set by the IOC evaluation process. When items are ready, content is pushed out through Bigtincan hub to appear immediately and in real-time on users’ tablet devices or the web application. In addition to what the committee shares with its team, special logins have been provided to members of the media so they receive notifications about new content right away, and have access to files in a read-only fashion.
The Bigtincan hub technology embeds security and content controls that enable tremendous productivity for teams that share, edit and collaborate content. “We are thrilled to see the technology we have developed working in an environment where such a strong sense of urgency exists for content development and distribution,” says Patrick Welch, President and COO of Bigtincan. “We’ll be anxious to watch the flurry of activity between now and the September decision about who will host the 2020 Games, knowing Bigtincan hub plays a part as Istanbul2020 endeavors to be named host city.”
Bigtincan hub works on any iOS or Android device and there is an HTML5 version for use on PCs and Macs. Users can download Bigtincan hub for free through the iTunes store. To learn more, visit Bigtincan at www.Bigtincan.com. You can follow the company on Twitter at @Bigtincan.
About Bigtincan
Bigtincan helps businesses of all sizes with mobile content management. The company’s hub solution is a fully integrated mobile platform that contextually organizes and securely distributes content for the user to understand, interact, and share. The mobile app offers a variety of functionality that includes Enterprise Services and Cloud Services — for a comprehensive mobile content management user experience.
Bigtincan’s customers span a wide range of industries including government, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, technology and more. The company was named a ‘Top 10 App’ by CRN Magazine and continues to gain notoriety for its unique and innovative approach to mobile content management. Bigtincan was founded in 2011 and its U.S. headquarters are based in Boston, MA with offices in Singapore, Paris and Sydney. For more information, please visit www.Bigtincan.com or follow @Bigtincan on Twitter.