BOSTON–December 9, 2014Bigtincan, a leader in mobile content enablement, today announced the availability of Bigtincan forms, which enables users to easily create, publish and interact with forms on any mobile device.  Bigtincan is the only platform that brings together sales content and interactive forms into a workflow to automate more processes than ever before on a mobile device.  Bigtincan forms runs inside Bigtincan Hub, Bigtincan’s award-winning mobile content enablement platform, and is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, and Windows Phone 8.1, as well as Bigtincan’s HTML5 Web app.

“Automating manual tasks is the cornerstone of efficiency.  But for many organizations, creating a simple way to allow digital data entry into smart forms that are available to mobile users and connected to backend systems has been a complex and expensive process,” explained David Keane, founder and CEO, Bigtincan. “To solve this problem, we combined our dedicated mobile form app with advanced integrations into the workflow of transaction processing systems like SAP, Oracle or Microsoft SharePoint. As a result, forms can be easily created, delivered to and completed by thousands of mobile device users in minutes, eliminating time-consuming paper-based forms and increasing overall productivity.”

Specific capabilities include:

  • Forms builder: Drag-and-drop form building enables anyone in the organization to easily design and create custom forms. Bigtincan forms includes numerous fields that can be used to collect a wide variety of different data types, including the ability to mix forms fields, take digital signatures, read barcodes, embed interactive images and more.
  • Forms rendering: Forms are optimized to render correctly on every type of mobile device.
  • Extending forms capabilities: By using custom widgets (embedded HTML5 and JavaScript) created by third party developers, Bigtincan hub enables the creation of forms that can be used as product configurators, pricing calculators and more.
  • Online and offline digital data entry: Users can access forms and enter data regardless of whether or not they are connected to a network. All data gathered in a form is synced to the Bigtincan hub server when the mobile device has network connectivity.
  • SmartForms: More than 150 APIs can be used by Bigtincan forms to automatically complete fields based on user, device, location and other variables, enabling a user to quickly complete a form when typing in text on a mobile device is difficult or time consuming.
  • FormsStore: This integrated repository stores and shares forms across the enterprise. Users can pull and publish forms to field workers based on a comprehensive security and role-based access model. Field data is then made available to the right users and connects to external systems through Bigtincan’s API and plug-ins for external data services.
  • Leverage forms data in back office systems: Bigtincan provides a rest-based API integration mechanism for forms data interchange with enterprise applications and provides a content services API to pull content and data from one place to another.
  • Security: Forms are created and stored securely inside Bigtincan hub and made available to users based on an intelligent access rights management system. Once published to the device, forms are encrypted and linked to Bigtincan’s content governance system to prevent unauthorized use and sharing. Completed data is sent to the Bigtincan hub servers and automatically removed from the client device once received, eliminating the need to implement processes to clear completed forms data.

Pricing & Availability
Bigtincan forms is available now as an add-on for existing Bigtincan hub customers or can be purchased in conjunction with Bigtincan hub for new customers. Bigtincan is priced at $5 (US) per user, per month. Learn more.

About Bigtincan

Bigtincan transforms the way sales and services organizations interact and engage with customers when using their mobile devices. The company’s innovative mobile-first content enablement platform, Bigtincan hub, puts content into context, securely delivering the right content to the right user based on role, time, location, association and/or event with all the automation and tools needed in one integrated platform. With Bigtincan, organizations can deliver an unprecedented customer-first experience for workforces that rely on their mobile devices to be productive. For more information, please visit or follow @bigtincan on Twitter.

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