BOSTON, Mass. – September 30, 2014 – In an effort to help organizations better understand how workers access and interact with content on mobile devices, Bigtincan, a leader in mobile content enablement, today unveiled the results of its 2014 Content Intelligence (IQ) Report for the first half of the year.

The report shows that users are increasing their engagement with content, averaging 14.5 percent more interactions than in the second half of 2013. Almost 40 percent of those interactions are being conducted on an iPad, more than double the amount of interactions on Android tablets, suggesting a significant engagement benefit of iPads over Android tablets.  Tuesday became the most productive day of the week, increasing from 17 percent to almost 25 percent between 2H 2013 and 1H 2014, replacing Thursday for most weekday interactions. Monday and Friday remained the least productive days of the week.

Mobile Content Types Are Expanding

The findings showcase that enterprise mobility users continue to access and engage with an expanding array of content types. Users are moving from simple engagement with traditional office file formats to new, more advanced content types including interactive forms, micro-apps, HTML5 and video. Mobile interactive forms and apps emerged in 1H 2014, compared with the previous six months.

“Ensuring that mobile users are able to engage and be productive with a broad array of content has become a critical requirement to ensure user adoption and success for an organization’s mobile business initiative,” said David Keane, Bigtincan CEO. “Today, users are not only viewing content on the go, but increasingly creating it—a 37 percent increase in content creation on mobile devices was seen in the first half of 2014. Enterprises are just beginning to understand how broad the impact of the mobile device is—both inside and outside of the corporate firewall—to engage with content in an intelligent way.”

Content Sharing Patterns Are Changing

While previous Content IQ reports pointed to enterprises using content on mobile devices as a way to enable higher productivity across mobile teams inside their organization, this report found that users more frequently need to share content outside of their organization. When connecting with networks of channel partners, consultants and customers, the importance of managing, controlling and overseeing how users share content drastically increases. Content IQ results showed:

  • 70 percent of shared content is outside of the email domain of the user that is sharing
  • 17 percent of enterprise mobile content enablement deployments are being used for internal and external content consumption

In all, the Bigtincan 1H 2014 report data supports a number of the year’s key themes to date: the mobile device is increasingly seen as a useful business tool that can improve productivity; enterprise users need to be able to engage with, create and modify different forms of content on their mobile devices; and content sharing practices must evolve as mobile devices become even more prevalent across the enterprise.

The full report is available for download here:

About The Bigtincan Content Intelligence Report

The Bigtincan Content Intelligence report is created from anonymous, abstracted data sourced from millions of interactions with enterprise mobile device users who use Bigtincan Hub, across 12 different countries, to access a wide spectrum of content to enable them to work more productively. The data is calculated based on usage, connections, downloads and a range of more than 100 different interaction types to create a series of graphic overview reports on how users work with content on their mobile device.


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