The company, in partnership with ScrollMotion, launches Bigtincan Studio, empowering sales enablement teams to easily create, deliver, and measure interactive content on mobile devices that drive more impactful customer engagements.

BOSTON, Mass. – May 18, 2016 – Bigtincan, the leader in mobile sales enablement solutions, and ScrollMotion, the leader in interactive content creation, today announce the availability of Bigtincan StudioTM powered by ScrollMotion, a web-based module for creating interactive content for mobile devices. Bigtincan Studio is fully integrated into the Bigtincan HubTM, providing the first complete, end-to-end enterprise-grade solution for creating, managing, distributing, and measuring the use of rich media content.

An often-overlooked aspect of sales enablement is onboarding and training, where traditional slideware and PDFs fall short. According to CSO Insights, 87% of training content is forgotten within 30 days. By contrast, interactive content has been proven to significantly boost retention, leading to more effective training, and ultimately, to greater sales results.

“Engaging, interactive content gives salespeople an unfair advantage over their competition,” said David Keane, CEO of bigtincan. “Sales and marketing leaders have been clamoring for a tool their teams can use to easily create and update native interactive materials themselves, instead of paying dearly for custom apps. Bigtincan Studio enables content creators to give their sales teams an incredible edge, without getting bogged down by computer programming or cumbersome design tools. It's the long-overdue end of ‘death by slideware’.”

Bigtincan has partnered with ScrollMotion to integrate their interactive content creation and rendering technology into the Bigtincan platform. The two companies are members of Apple's Mobility Partner Program, forged last year to help businesses transform the way they work. ScrollMotion Chief Technical Officer, Alan Braun, worked with both companies while at Apple and helped engineer the integration between the two products.

“One of my key responsibilities at Apple was to play matchmaker, combining companies’ strengths to create even more transformative solutions for businesses,” said Braun, who ran the Innovation Lab for Apple’s Mobility Partner Program. “I’m so excited about the combination of ScrollMotion and Bigtincan. Now companies can leverage our interactive creation tools within Bigtincan’s robust delivery platform. It’s the best of both worlds, and changes the way businesses train, present, and sell.”

As of today, sales and marketing teams can now:

Create: With Bigtincan Studio’s powerful web-based, drag-and-drop content creator, users can easily create their own compelling interactive content that conveys even the most complex concepts clearly, better tell their story, and keep them totally engaged.

Deliver: Bigtincan Hub provides a complete delivery solution that distributes content to every designated user, ensuring every customer-facing employee has the right content for their role. Bigtincan automatically updates content as it’s revised, ensuring everyone is using the most recent materials. As Bigtincan is hardware agnostic, users are served regardless of which mobile device they prefer.

Trust: Bigtincan Hub provides all the tools and security elements that the world’s leading companies need to be able to deploy next generation content. With end-to-end encryption, managed storage, and a variety of hosting and integration options, including Salesforce, Single Sign-On (SSO), the Bigtincan platform meets the toughest demands of the world’s most security-conscious organizations.

Bundle: Bigtincan Hub and Studio allow next generation interactive content to be combined with content of mixed formats-- PDFs, Microsoft OfficeTM files, videos, websites, instant Webex meetings, and more, all with the touch of a button. Everything a salesperson needs to support their sales cycles can be provided in one smart bundle, significantly boosting sales productivity.

Measure & Report: Bigtincan Hub provides the ability to audit and report on the utilization of content at a detailed level. Content producers can understand which content works best, when; what materials to archive, improve, or replace. Bigtincan measures and correlates the impact of materials on the sales pipeline and revenue.


Bigtincan Studio is available now through Bigtincan’s network of authorized resellers.

About Bigtincan

Bigtincan’s award-winning mobile sales enablement platform can significantly boosts revenue by improving sales productivity and win rates, while enabling field service organizations to cut costs and improve customer satisfaction. Bigtincan automatically pushes, updates, and measures use of situationally-relevant materials to sales and services professionals at companies like Thermo Fisher, AT&T, Aetna, and others. Bigtincan enables its customers to finally tap the full value of mobile devices through improved training, collaboration, engagement, follow-through, and closed-loop ROI analysis.

About ScrollMotion

Founded in 2008, ScrollMotion helped start the digital publishing revolution by producing more than 10,000 mobile apps and the first tablet editions of many magazines. The company has since emerged as a leader in enterprise-class applications through its industry-leading mobile application platform. ScrollMotion transforms how the world's largest companies communicate with employees and connect with customers through interactive sales, marketing and training apps for mobile devices.