BOSTON, Mass. – May 22, 2018 – Bigtincan, (ASX:BTH) the leading mobile, AI-powered sales enablement platform provider, today announced that the Bigtincan Hub™ platform is ready to assist enterprises customers in the EU to comply with the new GDPR regulation.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of regulations that governs how personal data is obtained, stored and used in the European Union. The GDPR defines a set of responsibilities that organizations that deal with the personal data of any person or are “monitoring” the behavior of individuals. GDPR puts the responsibility on companies to ensure that they are implementing systems that give individuals the full control of how their information is used including providing for key capabilities including a) the explicit use of content before personal data is collected, and b) the right to be forgotten after that data is collected.

Bigtincan Hub’s flexible and secure architecture enables sales enablement practitioners in the EU to deploy the Bigtincan Hub product to their sales people and be sure that the platform is delivering support for the GDPR regulations. To help enterprises with GDPR, Bigtincan has created a GDPR readiness toolkit that includes the documents, processes and controls that are needed for GDPR compliance. The toolkit is available now for existing Bigtincan customers through the Bigtincan customer care portal.

Bigtincan Hub’s GDPR support leverages Bigtincan’s investment in a Germany based Data Centre with the ability to control exactly where content is stored whilst benefiting from Cloud services and scale, and is built upon the extensive investments in security and control that have been part of Bigtincan’s system including;

Bigtincan Hub offers the most comprehensive sales enablement security on the market. It has enterprise-grade security features that meet the needs of the most stringent IT security teams.

  • Role-based access controls
  • Content governance controls
  • 256 bit data encryption (AES) over the air, on device and in the Cloud
  • Mobile device whitelisting and remote content wipe capability
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and NetIQ eDirectory with metadata controls
  • Single sign on & SAML support with powerful meta data processing capabilities

Bigtincan’s security system architecture allows also assists customers in the USA with compliance for key regulation including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) that aims to protect investors from fraudulent financial reports, and other regulations around the world that require the level of content management, reporting and understanding that is possible only with the depth of features of Bigtincan Hub.

Bigtincan’s GDPR compliance toolkit is available now to existing Bigtincan customers through the Bigtincan support portal.

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