Acquisition extends Bigtincan’s position as the leader in AI innovation for Sales Enablement

Waltham, MA – January 15, 2021, Bigtincan (ASX:BTH), the global leader in sales enablement automation, announced it has acquired 100% of VoiceVibes Inc. The deal extends Bigtincan’s lead in AI-driven sales enablement to help sellers most effectively engage with buyers in the digital world.

VoiceVibes is one of the most advanced voice analytics engines in the market, ​built by a team of experts and Ph.Ds in speech, acoustic psychology and data science, and supported by US Government funding programs to create the future of voice analytics for coaching and engagement analysis.

“VoiceVibes’ AI-powered coaching platform helps professionals make the best impression, every time they speak,” said David Keane, Co-founder and CEO of Bigtincan. “By adding the VoiceVibes technology, Bigtincan expands our lead in AI for sales enablement and helps our customers train their sellers faster.”

Built upon one of the world’s largest datasets measuring how humans perceive emotion and intention from voice, the VoiceVibes platform shows a speaker where they sounded most authentic, confident, arrogant or boring – measuring 20 vibes in all. Whether practicing the company pitch or conversing on a video call, every VoiceVibes analysis shows what "vibes" a typical audience would get from you and also provides personalized speech coaching tips to help improve delivery.

The way sellers speak can boost—or destroy—their credibility. Research shows that people are 13x more likely to buy when a seller sounds confident and authentic.The VoiceVibes automated coaching tool helps people sound more natural and polished when they speak, so they can transform how others perceive them. Sellers need the opportunity to understand how they are being perceived by prospects and receive the unbiased coaching they need to continually improve.

“This is an exciting time for VoiceVibes,” said Debra Cancro, CEO of VoiceVibes. “Joining forces with Bigtincan at this stage enables us to accelerate the application of our patented AI technology and provide cutting-edge insights into sales coaching and training.”

AI-driven assistants providing support and guidance will be fundamental to how we work and a part of everyday life. Acquisitions such as VoiceVibes drive these capabilities into Bigtincan product offerings. Together with the VoiceVibes technology and team, Bigtincan strengthens its position as one of the most innovative sales enablement providers in the market.

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About Bigtincan
Bigtincan (ASX:BTH) helps sales and service teams increase win rates and customer satisfaction. The company’s AI-powered sales enablement automation platform features the industry’s premier user experience that empowers reps to more effectively engage with customers and prospects and encourages team-wide adoption. Leading brands including AT&T, Thermo Fisher, Merck, ANZ Bank and others rely on Bigtincan to enhance sales productivity and fuel customer engagement. With global sales and marketing headquartered in Boston, Bigtincan also has offices across EMEA, Australia and Asia. To discover more about how your organization can benefit from the Bigtincan platform, please visit or follow @bigtincan on Twitter.

About VoiceVibes
VoiceVibes is a Baltimore, Maryland company using AI to help teams practice and improve their customer conversations in a scalable, convenient and objective way. The company’s automated coaching platform helps managers ensure that their teams are saying the right things and making the best impressions. Used by top organizations for communications coaching, sales readiness, presentation skills practice, patient experience training and interviewing, VoiceVibes is the only platform with automated feedback to tell speakers how others are likely to perceive them - across 20 areas called “vibes.” For more information, visit

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