BOSTON – November 12, 2014Bigtincan, a leader in mobile content enablement, today announced, the nation’s leading online real estate marketplace, has implemented the Bigtincan Hub to enable its residential live auction workforce to securely and easily access and interact with content, including up-to-date procedure detail, forms and post-auction reporting, from any location. Since implementing Bigtincan’s mobile content enablement platform last year, has experienced an 85 percent employee adoption rate and a 20 percent drop in escalations to date, with an overall reduction in email traffic to operations managers of 30 percent. As a result, has realized measurable financial savings in the areas of escalation, training, clarity of message and content management.

Since 2012, has conducted more than 12,000 live residential auctions, taking place at courthouses across more than 200 counties in 18 states, which require staff to be physically present to facilitate and manage the public sale. needed a way to regularly deliver unified, up-to-date messaging and content to its disparate workforce, validate who is responsible for which content and enable feedback on shared content. selected the Bigtincan hub, a single, unified content management solution that securely delivers the right content to the right users at the right time and location on any mobile device, because it offered robust mobile content enablement capabilities with a well-organized layout and an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Going beyond a simple document repository, the hub provides access to the most up-to-date policies and procedures, enables operational managers to engage with the auction staff in the field in real time, and helps those in the field feel more connected to the corporate office. After a successful pilot program delivered a 94 percent user adoption rate, rolled it out to the entire residential live auction organization.

“With the Bigtincan hub, not only are we assured that all of our employees are following the most up-to-date auction policies and procedures regardless of their location, but we are also able to easily update content in real time to reflect the constantly changing rules and regulations we must abide by,” said Robert Bauer, process engineer, “Bigtincan is an exceptional partner that has really gotten to know us and our needs since day one and has helped us to improve administrative efficiencies while increasing the quality of our communications.”

Today, all details related to’s live residential auctions reside in the Bigtincan hub, which includes a user interface fully customized for the organization. Employees can easily access, comment on and share all the necessary content to run an auction, from rules and regulations to forms and post-auction reporting. Staff can easily add pictures and feedback from courthouse and resident site visits as well as live auctions to the hub in real time. The hub enables both content managers and users to feel secure about operational information they’re receiving, answer any questions as they arise and obtain feedback. also benefits from the powerful search engine within the Bigtincan hub, making it extremely easy to quickly find information wherever the user is. The Bigtincan hub also meets’s stringent security and compliance needs, including the ability for managers to follow the audit trail of who has accessed what content when.


“Our governance and security capabilities are designed to exceed the needs of our customers, like, which operates in a strict compliance environment,” said Patrick Welch, president and COO, Bigtincan. “Along with addressing security requirements, we have provided with an open channel of communication across the organization that drives process improvements and significant business value as it continues its exponential growth.”




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Bigtincan transforms the way sales and services organizations interact and engage with customers when using their mobile devices. The company’s innovative mobile-first content enablement platform, Bigtincan hub, puts content into context, securely delivering the right content to the right user based on role, time, location, association and/or event with all the automation and tools needed in one integrated platform. With Bigtincan, organizations can deliver an unprecedented customer-first experience for workforces that rely on their mobile devices to be productive. For more information, please visit or follow @bigtincan on Twitter.

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