BOSTON – March 20, 2013 – Bigtincan, the enterprise content and productivity solution for mobile devices, today announced Bigtincan hub for Box. Available in Box OneCloud, an ecosystem of integrated mobile apps, Bigtincan hub will allow more than 15 million Box users to interact with, edit, view, annotate and create files from Box on demand, right on their tablet or other mobile devices. The integration provides a simple user interface that enables enterprises to present their mobile workforce with all of the relevant and up-to-date content required for them to collaborate efficiently.

With Bigtincan hub for Box, users can access folders and files stored on Box, then edit and share content using the Bigtincan hub productivity suite for secure, location-based control. The Bigtincan application contextually organizes and securely distributes relevant content using real-time metrics and scalability, which can be synced across different devices – allowing users to be more productive and efficient.

“We feel that Box offers the best collaboration product on the market,” said Patrick Welch, President and COO of Bigtincan. “Integrating our proven productivity tools with the leading collaboration platform allows for enterprise-grade applications that propel production and business management to new heights. Our aim is to help organizations move along the continuum between productivity – with increased efficiencies and presumably, revenues and process improvements, ultimately enabling them to be more keenly aware of consumption and engagement.”

“Our innovative content scoring system highlights and prioritizes content and saves mobile users significant time while ensuring that the most relevant content is read first,” explains Welch. “This, combined with our real-time content metrics system, helps enterprise users identify and prioritize content and engage with peers in real-time. The intelligent analytics track what materials employees are using and allows users access to ‘social’ features like content rating, subscribing and sharing. It is our hope that by combining the unequaled Box collaboration product and the Bigtincan productivity platform, users will find an end-to-end solution that maximizes enterprise productivity.”

To learn more, check out the landing page for Bigtincan hub for Box, or visit Bigtincan at You can follow the company on Twitter at @bigtincan.

About Bigtincan

Bigtincan helps businesses of all sizes with mobile content management. The company’s hub solution is a fully integrated mobile platform that contextually organizes and securely distributes content for the user to understand, interact, and share. The mobile app offers a variety of functionality that includes Enterprise Services and Cloud Services – for a comprehensive mobile content management user experience.
Bigtincan’s customers span a wide range of industries including government, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, technology and more. The company was named a 'Top 10 App' by CRN Magazine and continues to gain notoriety for its unique and innovative approach to mobile content management.

Bigtincan was founded in 2011 and named and its U.S. headquarters are based in Boston, MA and offices in Singapore, Paris, and Sydney, Bigtincan is a global leader. For more information, please visit or follow @bigtincan on Twitter.