Take your training to the next level with sales gamification

Training and motivating are loaded words. Traditional sales training is often outdated, boring and ineffective. Motivating sales teams to show up and be their best day after day takes time, energy and creativity from managers. Neither are easy tasks when your organization lacks the proper tools to train and motivate your sales teams. 

What if training was something your employees actually wanted to do every single day? What if there was a way to motivate and engage employees continuously? Gamification can help make that happen. 

Here’s a secret: It doesn’t have to stop with initial training. In fact, training and motivating your sales teams should be continuous so your employees are able stay at the top of their game. A gamified learning program can keep growing with your employees as long as they are with your company.

Here’s how to gamify your sales program for maximum learning and engagement results:

Break up your training session into bite-sized pieces

Gather your sales content, and divide it up in to sections and sub-sections that can be delivered in small, digestible pieces. One of the downfalls of traditional training is information overload – where everything is handed to the trainee at once in black and white text. 

As you divide up content, edit it to be visually appealing. People will want to interact with your sales training materials if it looks like the media platforms they enjoy viewing on a daily basis. Use quality images, videos and presentations between short sections of text. 

Create milestones and motivate with meaningful rewards

There’s a reason people love to cross off items on a to-do list. When sales employees and sales teams feel like they are accomplishing something, or moving toward a goal, they are inspired to keep going. 

Sales employees are well versed in competition and rewards. Carry this over into your training by creating milestones at the end of each “chapter” of your training program, and reward your trainees accordingly. Use virtual badges for interacting with content or completing a quiz. Use more valuable physical rewards to keep people working toward a larger goal – like the completion of an entire program.

Create a Leaderboard

Friendly competition is a motivator that resonates across sales teams. Create a publicly-visible Leaderboard that updates as people improve. The more “points” or achievements a person reaches, the higher up on the Leaderboard his or her name will climb.

People will consistently return each day to see how they can earn more points and climb higher until they see their name sitting atop of the Leaderboard, earning major bragging rights. 

Be consistent and continuous

Gamification is most effective when its integrated as a cornerstone of your educational sales program. Use it consistently so that earning badges and climbing the Leaderboard remains a priority for your people. 

When done correctly, gamification can grow with your employees. Instead of turning it off after initial sales training, it can be used to motivate people to stay up to date with new information and educational opportunities as they arise, giving employees the tools they need to stay at the top of their game. 

Looking for the perfect platform to start motivating your sales teams with gamification? We have your answer. 

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