It is often challenging to keep Advisors up to date on all that is happening, not only internally, but across the heavily regulated financial services industry.

How do you keep your team apprised of the latest today? E-mail blasts? social media? Webinars? Team meetings?
While these methods are useful,  Advisors still have to put forth a good amount of effort in order to stay up to date.


Make Sure Your Teams are Getting the Latest Regulatory Information

It is essential that Advisors have the latest regulatory information available in real time before engaging with clients in order to stay compliant. But how do you make sure they have consumed and understand the latest regulatory information?
Having a platform that not only supports the Advisors in their day to day selling efforts, but also can be leveraged to deliver the needed regulatory knowledge is important.  Some key things to consider in getting information to Advisors in real-time:
  • Make it mobile and make it easy:  Have a tool that provides the latest with a beautifully designed mobile interface no matter what the device of choice is.
  • Gamification Works:  People naturally want to compete and earn achievements.  Make your learning experience fun between your teams
  • Protect Your Brand and Your Advisors:  While keeping it fun is important, making sure your that your Advisors have received, read and been tested for their knowledge of new regulations is vital to your organization.
Today's financial Advisors are constantly in motion and dealing with a glut of information coming from internal sources, external market forces and clients. The tools that you provide them do not only have to be mobile first, but have to be engaging and easy to use to drive adoption. As you consider technology investments, focus on the following elements to drive adoption and provide maximum value to your Advisors:
  • Point solutions just don't cut it: Consider a vendor partner that thinks about how to best enable your Advisors with the following: Adaptive on-boarding and learning; Coaching and Collaboration; Sales Content Management; Customer Engagement; Sales and Marketing Integration; Dynamic Data Science and Reporting.
  • Enterprise and Financial Services Experience: Work with a vendor partner that understands the complexity of the large enterprise and dynamics of the financial services industry.
  • Leverages Your Investments in Your Tech Stack: Rather than ditching your current investments whether it be digital asset management, CRM and/or Marketing Automation, find a platform that integrates with your current technology.
Arm your Advisors with the tools they need to be at their very best...and protect your business.