Understanding customers better

A global medical device company – operating within wound care – needed a much better understanding of customer needs and behavior. Knowing what message to deliver at what time, was especially crucial when facing restrictions and time constraints on how sales representatives could communicate with nurses and doctors.

The company wanted a solution that could drive data on customer behavior and interests in order to personalize engagements and focus commercial efforts on high-priority HCPs.

Turning a large product portfolio into a digital content piece

The challenge was to gain these insights while communicating a large portfolio of products and product components – and fully support individual customer needs.

Together with us at Bigtincan and the digital agency RMH MEDIA, a content strategy was developed, consisting of 5 key components:

  • Ask questions related to the HCPs’ prescription habits
  • Ask questions related to product needs and preferences
  • Have interactive elements suggesting a product combination based on that input
  • Generate a personalized email that addresses an HCP’s specific interests
  • Ensure data tracking on all of the above

Creating a digital customer journey

Bigtincan’s system grabs physician data from the CRM, and combines it with input from previous meetings, to ensure that the content adapts to the specific customer. It also identifies and tracks prescription habits and interest areas to assess whether the HCP belongs in the low, medium, or high prescriber segment.

By automatically generating an approved email containing specific product information and relevant supporting content, a simple multichannel customer journey is easily created. The system tracks the HCP’s engagement with the mail and how much of the content is accessed. This further supports customers’ individual needs and provides the ability to understand their behavior and interests during and after the meeting.

"[Bigtincan] and the content developed ensures tailormade experiences for each customer. By grabbing CRM data and applying it to the flow of the content, the sales rep can set up the next meeting as well as send personalized product emails from within the content."

Jonas Hero, Software Engineer, RMH MEDIA

Better customer segmentation and engagement

Within the first 3 months of rolling out, the company achieved:

  • 13% change in segment identification (low, medium or high prescriber)
  • 25% increase in time with the HCPs
  • 80% click-through-rate (CTR) on personalized emails with product content
  • In a simple way, this shows the potential for e-detailing to provide more personalized HCP experiences – and demonstrates how data-driven insights can inform commercial efforts during the meeting and beyond.