A leading insurance company supporting over 10,000 Claim Agents has trusted and grown with Bigtincan’s Content Hub for over 10 years, raising their standard of care and increasing agent productivity. This is how they did it.

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Increased Efficiency

Before moving to Content Hub, their team relied mainly on Sharepoint, resulting in content saved randomly “without rhyme or reason.”  This approach caused duplicated content and an inability to ensure their materials were consistently updated and accurate. 

Getting updates was difficult and time consuming, requiring someone to spend time repeatingly reviewing materials. Now, with Bigtincan Content Hub, they’re able to empower their admins to make changes on the fly. Frontline agents can confidently and quickly access the most recent and relevant materials.

By providing their team with a trusted single source of truth, they’re able to consistently provide better customer service.

A single source of truth

According to the insurance company’s Enterprise Learning Consultant, Bigtincan is, “a repository they can trust as their single source of truth for claims handling information, especially when there’s processes and procedures that need to be consistently followed.”

With a central repository for content that tracks user and content activity, assets are easy to find and reliably up to date. Content is also personalized to each team member’s needs, work focus, and region. 

The 2-4k agents who use the Hub daily are automatically logged in when they start their day as they like to use the platform regularly during interactions with customers. Utilizing “wizards,” they’re guided through each point of the customer experience.

Improved standard of care 

Their Quality Assurance team, responsible for auditing claim files, experienced notable benefits  — benefits they have been able to pass on to customers. 

Having accurate and easily obtainable information equips them with what’s needed to make quick and accurate business decisions, resulting in happy customers. Improving team and individual efficiency had enabled them to provide customers with a consistently higher standard of care.

Key features of their implementation

  • Providing a version history for document updates 
  • Having quick, just-in-time access at the point of need
  • Bookmarks that identify the assets each agent uses most
  • Personalized and localized content

The Bigtincan Solution

After years of experience working with insurance providers, we’ve found these to be some of most common pain points Content Hub helps solve:

  • Increased productivity through efficient use of resources
  • Streamline content management and up-to-date information
  • A trusted single source of truth for claims adjusters

Bigtincan Content Hub makes it possible to work efficiently, providing up-to-date information that’s supported by content engagement insights and offline accessiblity. 

Find out how Bigtincan can help your organization be more efficient and serve customers better.