Bigtincan Hub

Real-Time Sales Enablement Automation Capabilities. Powerful, Yet Simple and Easy-to-Use

Bigtincan Hub is a mobile, AI-powered Sales Enablement Automation platform that helps sales, marketing and service teams achieve closer alignment, and work smarter and faster.

With new AI-driven features and extensive automation capabilities, Bigtincan Hub supports every phase of the sales and marketing lifecycle – from preparation, through engagement, to closed deals. It helps teams achieve greater productivity and effectiveness by providing them with automated, real-time content recommendations.

Those intelligent, on-the-fly content recommendations enable users to make every customer interaction as productive as possible. And the more teams use Bigtincan Hub, the more intelligent its recommendations become.

With its mobile-first design, Bigtincan Hub makes it fast and easy for users to access the best, most relevant content using any device from any location, on or offline.

Bigtincan Hub delivers smarter, next-generation Sales Enablement Automation that helps teams to drive better business results. By automating and improving key elements of customer engagement, it drives measurable pipeline impact, accelerates sales cycles, and helps puts more deals in the win column.

One Integrated, Intuitive Platform

Everything your team need to access, customize, present, collaborate on, and share content on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

 Push technology automatically delivers the latest and most relevant content to a user’s mobile device or computer

 Advanced tools to create, customize, annotate, and share content

 Work with content on or offline, on any mobile device or desktop

 Interactive forms save time with automated data capture that eliminates manual processes

 Adaptive learning delivering just in time and formal learning in one incredible user experience

High Quality User Experience

Bigtincan® Hub delivers a user experience that ensures rapid user adoption. With a mobile-first design, it makes it easy for smartphone users to:

Render any type of content with complete fidelity on any device

Present and share content in more impactful ways

Powerful ways to search for and collaborate on content

Workspace for users to access & work with content from personal repositories

For users who access it via the web, Bigtincan Hub provides a consumer-app like user experience for both content publishers and content viewers. For users anywhere in an enterprise, Bigtincan Hub makes accessing AI-driven Sales Enablement Automation as easy as lunching their browsers.

Superior Content Experience

Automatically deliver the right content to the right users on their preferred mobile devices, regardless of where the content resides. Content is organized based on relevance attributes and renders with complete fidelity on any mobile device.

Organize and deliver content based on relevance attributes (role/group, task, event, date/time, location, customer type, stage, and more)

Sync content changes from a repository directly to a user’s mobile device

Set size limits for how much space content can take up on a user’s device

Control authoring so users can only add, edit, delete or modify content within approved areas

Identify under utilized content that needs to be optimized or to be archived

Bigtincan Hub’s visual search technology allows additional visual elements to be added to a content structure. Users can not only search through their content, inside files, rich media descriptions and metadata but also through internet feeds and people information.

Complete Content Security

Bigtincan Hub offers the most comprehensive sales enablement security on the market. Its enterprise-grade security features meet the needs of the most stringent IT security teams.

Role-based access controls

Content governance controls

256 bit data encryption (AES)

Mobile device whitelisting and remote content wipe capability

Integration with LDAPs and Microsoft Active Directory

Single sign on & SAML support

Content Intelligence

Bigtincan’s Content Intelligence system provides visibility and fine-grained measurement of your content’s utilization. It also automatically identifies content that is most relevant given a number of attributes such as a mobile user’s role, association, a company’s particular industry or customer type. It also taps content that’s best used at a particular stage in a process, or at particular times, locations and more. Features include:

Detailed measurement & reporting of content used in customer engagements

Automated posting of content activities in CRM record

Measurement of the financial impact of content on the sales pipeline and revenue

Gain visibility into the content that experts use & share the knowledge across the entire team

Powerful Communications

Strengthen your organizations’ communications with first ever capabilities for sending secure messages between individual users or entire groups, real-time video and audio chatting. Bigtincan Hub also enables teams to link content to social networks, and conduct on-the-fly presentation broadcasting to remote meeting participants, as well as the ability to subscribe to and follow specific Bigtincan Hub users and content in the system.

Broad System Integration and Device Support

Bigtincan Hub is easy to Integrate with your current systems. It lets you integrate your content wherever it lives, including your content management system, CRM, intranet, file servers, or cloud-based solutions. It supports all popular operating systems (including iOS 11) and mobile devices, included expanded Outlook and Gmail support, and offers improved support for Salesforce AppExchange.

Find out more about integrating with your current systems

Onboarding, Coaching and Learning

With industry-leading AI-driven automation, Bigtincan Hub makes onboarding faster, and coaching and continuous learning efficient. It provides a formal, adaptive learning environment in which the best and most relevant content is automatically provided to users based on their personas, roles, skill levels, locations and more.

Social Learning and Gamification

New social features make it easy for teams to create “deal rooms” in which they can discuss strategies and follow the progress of specific opportunities. Teams can create competitions by linking content to specific discussions, and comparing skills, actions, and outcomes. Bigtincan’s SalesAI machine learning system also gives users recommendations about which peers to follow and how to collaborate with them.

Dynamic Reporting and Business Intelligence

Intuitive dashboards and custom reporting tools help sales and marketing users visualize, understand and communicate the status of activities occurring across their organizations. Reporting is also enabled within Salesforce, allowing sales managers to get direct knowledge of their team’s performance.

Bigtincan Add-Ons

Bigtincan Hub now includes a programmable, extensible environment that lets customers, third-party developers and content specialists create extensions and new functionality to the Platform based on customer-specific needs or workflow requirements.

Deeper Sales and Marketing Alignment

The new Platform features more complete integration with marketing automation and CRM systems. This optimizes account-based marketing (ABM) programs by automatically associating sales content with marketing campaigns, and enabling automated creation of leads and contacts based on ABM campaign rules.

Enabling Business Mobility

Bigtincan is the market’s leading mobile content enablement platform that has transformed what can now be accomplished on a mobile device.