How we work with companies with large product catalogs

Our Catalog App Team has helped to grow…

  • B2B giants that sell 10000+ products (ThermoFisher)
  • Market-leading manufacturers that sell 1000 of products with multiple child/variant products (Pentair)
  • Mid-market manufacturers with 1000s of dealers, OEMs, and manufacturer’s reps in the field (American Standard)
  • Up and coming industrial products dealers with deep product lines and supporting materials (Advantage Engineering)

They understand your markets, challenges, and threats, and can help your reps get the detailed product data they need in a logically organized platform – where ever reps need it.

It’s like a second brain for all your relevant product details.

How we help companies with large product portfolios

  • Mobilize large product data sets from internal systems into an easy to use app. Make it easy for reps to find product information in the field.
  • Dramatically improve up selling to increase the average order size per customer interaction.
  • Shorten sales cycles by sending detailed product information to customers on the spot and preventing from reps from “getting back” to them.
  • Leverage filters and tags to find products based on their characteristics.
  • Increase market share.  Stop sales from being lost to competitors.
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