Be honest with yourself, does your training make the cut? Employers invest good money in training for their people, but rarely get the results they want. It’s boring, ineffective, and wastes time. Transform your training into an amazing experience with the help of Bigtincan Learning.




Gamify your training program

People like setting goals and achieving milestones. More than that, they love getting rewards. Gamify your training programs and watch as your employees come back day after day to learn more and earn points. Utilize Leaderboards and virtual rewards and encourage friendly competition to make your training program irresistible.

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Promote open communication

No one likes to feel like their voice isn’t heard. Give your employees a chance to speak their mind and collaborate with their coworkers with the help of surveys, forums, and in-app messages. They’ll feel appreciated when they can speak their mind about how their training is progressing, and you’ll be able to make improvements in order to deliver the best training experience possible.

Update employees on how they’re doing

Keeping employees up to speed on how they’re doing is easy with Bigtincan Learning. They’ll never be left wondering about which areas they can improve. Right inside the app, your learners can get a snapshot of their engagement status with custom Dashboards. Take the guesswork out of learning and display important information and send notifications right to your learner’s device with ease.

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