In today’s fast moving economy sellers have shorter amounts of time than ever to spend with prospects. With such a small window of time, it’s imperative that time isn’t wasted searching and surfing for content ahead of a meeting or during. Bigtincan Genie provides the right information to sellers at the moment they need it.

Bigtincan Genie is a virtual sales assistant that uses natural language processing to deliver content and answers to sellers instantly. It provides direct voice answers to questions – want to know how many inches wide the new version of the product is, or how long is the warranty terms, or want to provide direct questions to the product team? Bigtincan Genie delivers.  

With direct access to learning and sales content, Bigtincan Genie provides answers as well as the ability to dig further into the content and skills development to do more. Bigtincan Genie can even guide sellers through complex selling situations by asking probing questions and directing them to the right products or services to suggest to a buyer.

Some examples of what you can ask:

  • “When is my next meeting?”
  • “I’m searching for anything published by John Doe”
  • “Where can I learn more about our encryption capabilities?”
  • “What’s the best product to suggest for a company using”

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