Document Automation

Create personalized documents at scale.

Automate sales collateral, improve customer engagement, and collect data on content performance with Bigtincan’s intelligent Document Automation tools.

It's called intelligent for a reason.

Save time with templates

Let users instantly assemble pitch books, investment reviews, charts, graphs, sales sheets, and more into pre-approved templates.

Get content (in real-time)

Powerful Integrations allow you to deliver data-driven content to customer-facing teams in real-time.

Meet compliance

Guarantee presentations and customer reporting meet all compliance requirements—without needing to run everything by security teams.

Let marketing take the lead

With drag-and-drop editing tools, marketers can create dynamic content templates (while sellers have instant access to on-brand collateral).

Move with mobile

Easily access everything via mobile, save templates for quick customization, and make changes on the fly.

AI-Driven Insights

Get AI-driven data insights.

Capture insights at every touchpoint, learn from every interaction, understand customer motivations, and put these insights to work.

Connect to your CMS

Bigtincan seamlessly connects with the content repositories your team uses every day, from Microsoft Sharepoint to Google Docs, Adobe AEM, and more.
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Bigtincan Presentation Creator

Deliver a better experience—fast.

Create, share, present, and interact with buyers more effectively than ever before with Bigtincan Presentation Creator, the tool built for customer-centric conversations.